CrossFit logo
A clean, and Modern Deer Logo with a Little touch of Retro-Vintage for  Yabio Burgers
a 3d Touched C F Runner Logo
An Abstract Colorful Logo for A bird Eating Food Co.
Painting of a Image of PRSDNT. OBAMA
A Hammer CrossFit Logo- unused proposal
Custom Label for shit hot in 6 weeks
Yes BURN ing Boxer explaining itself :)
Custom Hand Scripting with Pictorial element build in for Smokey North
i have designed series of Towels with my Cutout style i love in a very minimal way
My Second one for the Towel Design
lil Dragon Forming C and the Lewisburg Lantern Forming thee L for Crossfit Lewisburg...


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"great work, was a pleasure to see it tranform and come so far from the first design. thank you judy"
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"5 Stars ***** for Judy Arden - her design and work was perfekt for our running-club. We are very happy with her design and maybe perhaps a little bit faster... thx"
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