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exploring and exploring visual art.

Member since: December 08, 2009
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"He was always willing to change anything I wanted and replied very fast! I'm very satisfied with his performance."
Profile picturefabi.strasser
"Awesome! Fast and just what I wanted. I highly recommend!"
Profile pictureDeleonpharmacy
"Hasahatan did a excellent job designing our company a logo. Hasahatan created a funny and friendly Marmot animal character. Everybody liked the character and it fits our company perfectly. I was happy to work with Hasahatan. He gave a great effort so I'..."
Profile picturejuhad
"Hasahatan's concept was far above all others. He clearly thought deeply about GetKidsInternetSafe to capture connection and tech. So great!"
Profile picturetbennettflynn
"Thanks for your work on this design it has captured exactly who we are and what we do."
Profile picturerobyn.coslovich
"We had an excellent experience with hasahatan. The designer followed our directions well while still adding solid creative touches, submitted revisions quickly, communicated promptly and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"
Profile pictureryanzerbe
"It was a pleasure to work with hasahatan. He is very responsive, polite and creative. I requested several changes to the design and hasahatan made the changes at a record speed and very accurately. Allround great customer service. I'm very happy with t..."
Profile pictureVeronique P
"hasahatan is very talented and has a great imagination too!! Pleasure to work with you."
Profile pictureKareyann