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"TheFabian was great! We already had our company name and tagline finalized, so he did a GREAT JOB of creating an illustration that blended well with them and represented our company well for the complete logo. He actually tried a design that was different from the other submissions (and they were fabulous as well) and my partner just KNEW when she saw it! So you can expect a designer who has a great eye for detail, a designer who is SUPER patient and has the ability to think outside of the box. He's a great communicator and will definitely follow the details of your design brief. I look forward to keeping an eye on his other work as he is a definite winner! "
"TheFabian is an incredibly talented designer. I had a fairly specific vision in mind of what I wanted my design to embody and he was able to interpret my description perfectly and deliver a design that managed to exceed my high expectations. I would consider myself to be a tough client because of my strong and decisive opinion, so I am always impressed and appreciative when I find someone who can fulfill the requirements and take them to a level beyond one's imagination. I would highly recommend his work all day long and look forward to any future work we may do together. Nothing but happiness and satisfaction from this contest holder!"
Christy Keast
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