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Why work with me? because there are no hostility if you ask me for something to be changed, outstanding patience, excellent work experience. Notable service attitude, customer orientation and implementation of commitments.

Member since: July 18, 2012


"This designer is a pleasure to work with! Creative and so gracious about changes. Will definitely find more projects for him!"
Profile picturejill.lampe reviewed about 6 years ago
"Excelente trabajo. Actitud de servicio y disposición a comprender las necesidades del cliente. Fundamental conservar eso."
Anonymous client reviewed over 6 years ago
"Jay worked above and beyond to get us EXACTLY what we wanted! His communication was spot on and he always seemed to be available. Super fast!!! "
Profile pictureamericanartclassics reviewed over 6 years ago
"It was a great experience, working with jay he went beyond my wildest expectation and came up with exactly what i pictured in my head, so would highly recommend him and work with him again with future projects. susan williams"
Profile picturesusanoriignal reviewed over 6 years ago
"Great Designer who create a AWESOME design for me. Thank you very much! "
Profile pictureYourSecretDream reviewed over 6 years ago
"job was to design a logo for a new business. Initial designs weren't quite right, but we got there and I love the design he did. "
Profile picturekristy_booth reviewed almost 7 years ago
"Top notch design work, professional designer, and a pleasure to work with. Very helpful, prompt in communications, made changes to design work quickly upon request. Overall a great experience and I highly recommend."
Profile picturescsaddlefitters reviewed almost 7 years ago
"Muy buen trabajo."
Anonymous client reviewed over 7 years ago
"Outstanding patience with several edits. Very grateful and happy to have found him."
Profile picturestephaniemhirsch reviewed over 7 years ago
"Una vez más, resalto la dedicación, la perseverancia y la disposición hacia la búsqueda de la satisfacción del usuario, así como la transparencia en las actividades realizadas."
Anonymous client reviewed over 7 years ago
"Excelente experiencia de trabajo. Notable actitud de servicio, orientación al cliente y cumplimiento de los compromisos."
Anonymous client reviewed over 7 years ago
"Great design. Flexible and very repsonsive. I love this designer because there was no hostility if I asked for something to be changed. I will being using this designer in the near future."
Profile pictureamberb23 reviewed over 7 years ago
"Jay P. Martinez was awesome to work with. Fresh, exciting ideas, took ideas and implemented them in ways I did not think of. He was able to respond to my requests in a fast, intelligent way that definitely took my suggestions to another level. Great des..."
Profile picturepaulluckett reviewed over 7 years ago
"Exente diseñador, entendió las necesidades de la marca y mantuvo un diseño sencillo y elegante."
Profile picturedf.romero71 reviewed over 7 years ago