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i play with my imagination.
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Member since: August 18, 2009


"Great design! Very responsive!"
Rick Robinson
Logo design for Rick Robinson.
"The beauty of crowdsourcing is the exposure to unexpectedly creative solutions. In our Plastic Wholesale competition, we required an icon and logotype. danareta delivered a purely beautiful logo, with a deceptively simple icon which presented the initials of the brandname with elegance and impact. The colour palette, font face, weight and kerning were all in perfect balance."
Andrew W Morse
Logo design for Andrew W Morse.
"We invited Daraneta to design a logo for Maponomics because of his crispy fresh winning designs and portfolio. Daraneta's first proposal for the Maponomics logo proved a winner. The design immediately stood out in the middle of a contest in full swing. Many incremental changes and designs later, with a lot of effort from Daraneta to apply our comments and work on variations, at design #100 we concluded that his work beat not only the competition but also our own demands: We awarded Daraneta's original proposal."
Schrijnen Groep t.n.v. Bart Schrijnen
Logo design for Schrijnen Groep t.n.v. Bart Schrijnen.
"Outstanding work from danareta, delivered promptly everything that we asked for."
Private contest
"Excellent job! Design changes were done in a timely fashion and I ended up with something that I can grow with for years to come. Thanks Danareta!"
Logo design for Tbachman.
"Thanks for you efforts Danareta, Great design, efficient timely handover and service that makes you smile. Makes the process enjoyable. BSD"
Gary Goodyer
Logo design for Gary Goodyer.