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I'm an Illustrator of childrens Books from now about 20 years, working digitally and submitting files of different kind. With a proper plan I can give you files suitable for ingramspark, amazon, iPad, kindle and tablet .

Country: Italy. Member since: September 06, 2015
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"Manuela Pentangelo is absolutely the best."
Profile pictureJohn Nichol
"Manuela Pentangelo is the best. She's the heart and soul of the projects we work on. Not just a designer, illustrator, artist (though these are all exceptional gifts) but a true creative partner."
Profile pictureJohn Nichol
"Piedenero is just the best designer to work with. Patient, insightful, and always finding a creative solution. More than a designer, in fact: a partner in the project from start to finish."
Profile pictureJohn Nichol
"Well it's been 11 months of work, but the task is finished. Piedenero has produced a beautiful, full colour illustrated children's book from the troublesome text I sent her. As with everything she does, she has delivered way beyond the expectations of t..."
Profile pictureJohn Nichol
"Another fantastic project by Piedenero. Service and creativity above and beyond the brief. Amazing! :D"
Profile pictureJohn Nichol
"I asked Piedenero for a cover for Through the Wormhole, a short scifi adventure novel for young readers. The design had to be funny, exciting, and appealing to children and parents. She produced something beyond my imagining. I love it. Piedenero is a w..."
Profile pictureJohn Nichol