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Member since: January 11, 2011
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"Talented, clean designs. Puts a lot of effort into work."
Anonymous client
"It was a pleasure working with Pumsi. I was new to the site and felt very comfortable working together. He understood what I was looking for and delivered a very thought out product. Thank you!"
Profile pictureKristyDavies.SLP
"This designer was very helpful and responded quickly to requested revisions and suggestions. The communications were prompt, courteous and professional. I would recommend pumsi and and I would use this desiogner again in the future."
Profile pictureGarry38675
"It was excellent to work with pumsi. We didn't give the best direction, but we were able to come up with a design that a nailed our desired purpose. Very helpful through the entire process, I would not hesitate to use pumsi for a future project."
Profile pictureStyle Blade, Inc
"Awesome designer. Great to work with. Followed our feedback closely. Would definitely recommend pumsi"
Profile pictureGreg197560
"I am very satisfied with the 99 Designs process and found working with Pumsi delivered a result beyond my expectations. Despite a significant change to the brief mid way, Pumsi adapted to create a new look that I believe will work brilliantly! Thank y..."
Profile pictureGreg197559
"Pumsi was an absolute pleasure to work with, and went above and beyond in her efforts to create the logo we were looking for and in her willingness to make the necessary adjustments that we wanted. Definitely a designer you want working on YOUR logo or ..."
Profile pictureDlhuff6
"Exceptional talent and work by pumsi - brief was well interpreted, and changes requested were done promptly. Pumsi is a pleasure to do business with."
Profile pictureSales138
"I would like to congratulate "Pumsi" and her company for creating a great logo for our new application and they were very gracious and helpful in the transfer of the logo. I would recommend them to future clients. Thank you. Ron Raymond "
Profile pictureRonraymond
"I am grateful to have been fortunate enough to have designer Pumsi create the concept for my new company logo. Pumsi is cordial and responsive to any and all feedback. I even learned a thing or two about the 99Designs process from Pumsi. I chose the ..."
Profile pictureBen120010049
"Very quick, responsive interaction with good quality design. "
Profile pictureAli.pichvai
"Just want to say that we all thank you very much for all your hard work, you've been fantastic, you always responded well and quickly and have been a pleasure to work with."
Profile pictureLauB