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"Love our finalized design! DCdesign was great at fixing any issues we had, and got everything perfect. "
Profile pictureXKXVB9 reviewed 4 months ago
"He reflected exactly the idea we had, the communication was very good, I would work with him again."
Profile picturercasarq reviewed almost 2 years ago
"I needed a logo for my company and was unsure what I wanted. LamiArt managed to create a well-known design but in a unique way and ultimately it will serve as the representation of my brand. Incredible vision and tremendous artist."
Anonymous client reviewed over 3 years ago
"What a great experience! I would highly recommend 99 designs to anyone looking for a logo design. All the designers were great. Thank you LamiArt for coming up with an original logo and for your quick responsiveness. Best of luck!"
Profile picturewanderwithwhitneyp reviewed over 3 years ago
"Great Work. Would order again in a heart beat. EXTREMELY HAPPY. Choose this seller."
Profile pictureLion's Paw Marketing reviewed over 4 years ago
"I loved the work that LamiArt provided. They were creative and really understood the design specs to provide us with a great logo."
Anonymous client reviewed over 4 years ago
"LamiArt was a great designer to work with. His design concept was so unique and creative. He worked really quickly and was incredibly responsive to our many requested edits and additions. Would highly recommend him! "
Profile picturejohnabellone reviewed over 4 years ago
"The design combined in an esthetic and creative way the elements I was looking to see in my logo. Great final result. "
Profile picturedeleted-3302387 reviewed over 4 years ago