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I currently work as a brand identity designer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I love to create beautiful timeless logos that help customers fall in love with their favorite brands. I also enjoy creating brand identities and custom hand lettering. For more work please visit www.behance.net/alenecula

Member since: July 14, 2015
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"Alexandra is by far the most talented designer I have worked with from 99 Designs. She has an excellent eye for detail, and an almost second sense when it came to delivering the vision I had. She took my ideas and created something better that I could h..."
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"Thanks for your fast and efficient service again! "
Anonymous client
"I've worked with ale.necula on two projects now. She is professional and has excellent communication skills. Her designs are great too! "
Anonymous client
"Alexandra "got it" immediately! She was very helpful and responsive to every change I wanted. She was just terrific."
Anonymous client