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"excellent job..."
Profile pictureinfo7w reviewed about 6 years ago
"Fantastic design work! Pri turns around design changes almost instantly and is a pleasure to work with!"
Anonymous client reviewed about 6 years ago
"Fantastic working with @pri! Creative and responsive to suggestions!"
Anonymous client reviewed over 6 years ago
"Great work on our logo! We hope to work with you again soon."
Profile pictureRyanP_Satatrack reviewed almost 7 years ago
"Great job. Very fast and efficient."
Profile picturecknguyen1111 reviewed about 7 years ago
"I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about dealing with Apri. He had great ideas and had great communication through this process with me and my logo designs. I would have no problem dealing with him if I went through this process again. ..."
Profile picturecollings h reviewed about 7 years ago
"@pri did an amazing job with our logo and business card. @pri truly has an eye for designs. The logo is both simple and sophisticated. @pri communicates very well and truly understands what we want for our design. Requested edits and adjustments wer..."
Profile picturecknguyen1111 reviewed over 7 years ago