4 prong CFL bulb illustration
GROOVY LOBSTER DESIGN needed for store in Maine
Animal Sketch of Two Adorable Beagles as a Family Logo! (Open for creativity!!)
Create cute Australian animals for a fun picture book
Lots more work for winner after this competition in 1-1 designs.
Please help me to create funky character artwork for my business in children's play!
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"As always, SketcherLady worked quickly and efficiently to provide the product I was after. Her illustrations match exactly my request. Nothing is too much effort. Thanks SketcherLady on a job well done. :)"
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"SketcherLady is very quick and proficient. She does a great job and always puts in a wonderful effort. Nothing is beyond her abilities and she is very generous in her work. She is a pleasure to work with."
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"Thank you for your work, Sol. I appreciate your prompt turnaround and great designs."
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"Great work! Images are great for my project. Thanks."
Profile pictureNorah Colvin
"Thank for a series of great illustrations. I appreciate your promptness, response to requests, and attention to detail. The fun and quirky illustrations will appeal to the teachers and children in my target audience. Thank you. Much appreciated."
Profile pictureNorah Colvin
"Thanks for your promptness and attention to detail. Much appreciated."
Profile pictureNorah Colvin
"I really appreciate the prompt response and attention to detail."
Profile pictureNorah Colvin
"Sol, I love the way you have created these bright colourful designs to match my early childhood theme. The consistency in their appearance is great, and much appreciated. Thank you."
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"The images are perfect for my early childhood resources. Thank you!"
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"I am very happy with the tile produced. The layout is great, and the images and colour choice is perfect for my purposes. Thank you."
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"This is awesome Sol. You have taken my ideas and made them into something very special. I am very happy with your work and grateful for your professional attitude. Thank you."
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"I am very happy with the work Sol has produced for me. She worked quickly and efficiently to meet my designs requests. I am happy to recommend her work. It is a pleasure working with her."
Profile pictureNorah Colvin
"It was a pleasure working with SketcherLady. Her work is of a high standard and matched my requirements and expectations. She willingly made any adjustments I requested to ensure her work satisfied my needs. She worked quickly and efficiently and was co..."
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