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99designs community challenge: re-design eBay's lame new logo!


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By Alexander99
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Congratulations to the winner, *[al]barokah!
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*Note: this contest is being run by 99designs for fun only! (but the prize is real)*

eBay, the most prominent online auction site since 1995, recently redesigned their funky, quirky web 1.0 logo.

In the company's words, "We’re pleased to introduce our refreshed logo. It reflects who we are today — a global online marketplace that offers a cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience.”

We, on the other hand, are sad to see the old one go. True, it needed an update, but its replacement could hardly have less personality.

Coming at the heels of Microsoft's lame redesign, we have to ask: is "boring" in style?

Well, we just don't abide that. We know you can do better, so we invite you to submit an eBay re-design of your own — have at it!

For more inspiration, see our blog post on the subject:

Let the community contest begin!

*note: since this contest is just for fun, we won't be providing detailed feedback beyond star ratings. You have total freedom in submitting your proposals and the cleverest will be recognized!

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