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Winning design

Design a web design for a popular fitness website

We write long, informative articles explaining fitness and supplemental information for 20-something year old men....

By icanenterprises in Web Page

88 Entries $1,749 gold price
Winning design

I would like to have at a very well designed Website

My Target Audience is Seniors in retirement are entering Retirement ages 50-80 years old. My clients are looking for ...

By gbelger20 in Web Page

15 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Home Page Design For A Real Estate Education Membership Site

We educate real estate investors,with meetup events, videos, resources, mastermind program. Teaching cutting edge re...

By pageonesuccess in Web Page

41 Entries $899 silver price
Winning design

Website Redesign for Veterinary Dental Specialist

I am a veterinary dentist. I teach courses to veterinarians about oral surgery and to technicians about veterinary d...

By veterinarydentistry in Web Page

81 Entries $1,499 silver price
Winning design

Marketing Company Needs a New Homepage Look

RallySpark represents a partnership between customers, merchants, and charities.

By josh dk in Web Page

106 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Premium Plastic Surgeon Design -

Think super high class. photos, ritz carlton, 4 seasons, mercedes benz feel. She wants the patient's with money who w...

By pkenney in Web Page

33 Entries $547 bronze price
Winning design

Financial Publisher Website

We are a financial publisher. Our target audience is individual investors....

By stockmarket in Web Page

113 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Vertical Scroll Style B2B Website

We help brands get more readers for their positive press coverage....

By Skunkwork Designs in Web Page

56 Entries $2,199 gold price
Winning design

Create a engaging yet simple onboarding wizard for FlexBooker

We offer a platform for brick and mortar service companies to accept and manage online bookings for their services....

By at in Web Page

19 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

Redesign existing high traffic website for company that makes Mac and iOS apps

We make iBank. The best personal financial manager for Mac and iOS. iBank helps you control spending, build savings a...

By ian@igg in Web Page

54 Entries $3,099 platinum price
Winning design

Fitness Ecommerce site needs a facelift

Total Strength and Speed works together with collegiate and high school strength coaches, sports trainers, and strong...

By Paladin Cloudware in Web Page

43 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Design and illustrate the S-Mach website!

What S-Mach does: recruit, train, certify and place Scala interns with Atlanta-area companies (also consulting, trai...

By Lance Gatlin in Web Page

50 Entries $2,799 platinum price


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