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The Live Card needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 192 designs submitted by 55 freelance designers.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Finalist - T6S
T6S created up to date, very well considered design.
- paul.moses
Finalist - pixelframe
Produced a beautiful design and coding - putting in the extra effort to really understand our project right from the beginning. Would highly recommend and intend to use for my future projects.
- Anonymous
Finalist - Fleet
Great designer. Followed the brief where others failed. We have extended an invitation to continue to work together in the future.
- FranzFudd
Finalist - pixel182
Pleasure to work with, highly recommend.
- jenn sK

How The Live Card started their web page design journey

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

LiveDiscounts is a membership based website that offers members reusable discounts at restaurants, entertainment destinations, shopping, and services. LiveDiscounts memberships serve as a fundraising product for local schools, sports leagues, and community non-profits to help raise money for their activities. We also offer a Corporate Loyalty solution that allow companies to built customer and employee recognition programs.

Our memberships are based upon our main product called the LiveCard. Each LiveCard is customized to the school or organization fundraising with it. Members can access our discount offers via their LiveCard and/or with our mobile applications for both iPhone and Android smart phones. Members also gain access to special print and online offers located on

Details about our Membership Program
The LiveDiscounts membership is $20 per year and gives you access to unbeatable local offers. Most importantly, our membership is the most convenient savings program on the planet. No more carrying coupons or books. Save big daily.

Here’s how:

A) LiveCard - Access loads of discounts you can use every day at your favorite local spots: Restaurants. Entertainment. Services. & Shopping. Use the web or your mobile to browse discounts. Show your proof of membership (physical LiveCard or mobile app) during payment and the discount is deducted!

B) LiveDeals - Our unbeatable short term deals change daily, even hourly, so act quickly! The Best Part: THERE NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Show up, show off your flashy app, and the deal is yours!

C) Print Offers - These are offers that are accessible only for members on

D) Online Offers - These offers are for large corporate retailers and entertainment destinations located on our members only section of

What industry do you think your business is most related to?


Existing website to reference

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the web page?

Please keep user experience in mind on our design.  We need to blend all of the "Inspirational Websites" best features into a customized look for LiveDiscounts. 

Which websites inspire you and why?

Number of pages needed


Tell us about each page you’d like designed

Now we are going to move into our next two pages: Metro Search and Fundraising.


Page #2) Metro Search Page


The Metro Search Page will be our main page for our members to search discounts offers. Here they will be able to search discounts by categories within their Metro Area by their address, city, or zip code.The goal here is to give the user a visual experience. 

PLEASE use the wireframe that has been provided. We think this layout may be the best, but if you have a different graphic idea please go with it. This page is the MOST IMPORTANT to please take your time on the layout.

Page Goals: Please reference the attached JPEG (Listings Reference) to see what we need included on each of the 9-12 search results:

Each Listings must include:

a) Business Name

b) Business Image

c) Discount Offer

Current Website Metro Page (we do not like this, use only for content references) -


Page #3) Fundraising Page


This page will sell and explain our fundraising program. The goal here is to be able to place a ton of content within the page without having the user to scroll down the page. 

We are basing this layout on this website example:

What we don't like is how "busy" the buttons are here. Please give us something simple, modern, exciting, with lots of colors and icons. Please also incorporate our present logo in the middle of the page. 

Our fundraising page is tailored towards parents, teachers, coaches, and college students.


Page #4) Membership Page


This page is going to describe our membership benefits and is based on the first slide off of the home page layout. 

The full scoop:

LiveDiscounts Membership:

Step 1: Get your LiveCard (or virtual card number) from

Step 2: Activate your full membership by registering your card
number and creating a username / password.

Step 3: Download the App and use your username / password to

Step 4: Browse offers online or on your Mobile App.

Step 5: Use the offer! See below or for instructions on all

4 types of offers :


LiveCard offers are valid for repeat use at hundreds
of merchants locally.Browse LiveCard offers online or through the
mobile APP   
Show the participating merchant either the physical
LiveCard or virtual LiveCard to get the discount.   

2) LiveDeals

LiveDeals are 50%+ off short term deals that
are only available within a certain window if time.

Click the LiveDeal button on the app or website
to view all the active deals.

Click the “redeem” button on the mobile APP or print
from for use.

Show the offer to the merchant to get the deal.

3) Print Offers

Print offers are deals so good that they require
a paper confirmation
Browse print offers exclusively on our website. 
Select an offer for use and click “Redeem” and
then print
Take the printed confirmation to the merchant
for use.

4) Online Offers

Online offers provide discounts for tickets
at Theme Parks & National Brands that can easily be purchased through our
online portal. 
Browse our online partners exclusively on our
Log into our online offer portal to see more
Purchase online and take the printed
confirmation to the merchant for use.


What to avoid

Do not use our homepage as a starting point. The only thing we want to keep from our current homepage is our logo. If you have any questions please message me.

Gold package


Paid features

  • Featured listing
  • Twitter promotion

Free features

  • Blind contest
  • Guaranteed



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