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New website design wanted for Easytravel

AndrewMc picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just A$1,049 they received 53 designs from 4 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New website design wanted for Easytravel


Online travel

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

Online travel. We sell flights, accommodation, cruises, cars and everything travel.


Travel & Hotel

Existing website to reference


Visual style

Inspirational websites

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

990px max width for site. Designs using the 960 grid system ( will be looked on favorably. Site design to be centered top/horizontally in the browser window.

Main Nav – preferred horizontal with the following nav items:

-Contact Us

The main layout will also contain a widget area for users to select a search (flights, hotels, cars, rail, cruises) and then enter details to perform the search. We’ll also need several frames to allow us to advertise current specials/packages that we’d like to push.
The widget area will need to display tabs for the following and will need to be prominent.:


The following sites have examples of the fields required and use the same search widget area. These can be styled anyway we like and we prefer the bigger style format of buttons and input text boxes than just default styling’s (ie: ). Flight search is the default to display.

Sites using the Sabre widget: (Right hand top banner area) (Book your travel area) (search and book area) (search and book online area) (Cheap Flights area) (Search and compare flights area)

We’ll need a main area, prominent on the page, to display an image slideshow which will display current specials. The slide show will play automatically on page load, but it will require navigational elements to allow users to move forward and backward through the slides manually.

The main design should be impactive and uncluttered and we need a phone number prominent somewhere (ph: 1300 512 377). We want users to be able to easily find the information that they need. It mustn’t be cluttered with too much info as this dilutes the page info and makes it difficult for users to navigate to their point of interest.

We don’t require a site search.

We need a “Sign up for our Newsletter” area to collect an email address and click a button to submit.

We need a call to action area (like

-To Book
-Call Us | Call me back
-Get a quote by email
-Group travel enquiry

Facebook and twitter social media links required

Footer Area:
Footer navigation
Contact Us | Help/FAQs | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Sitemap

Logos for footer
IATA (attached)
AFTE (attached)

Footer Text
Copyright © Easy Group Australia Pty Ltd t/as Easy travel reservations and Andys World Travel

Web Development Sydney: Sitefactory
This design will be used on the home page and all other pages except those that have sub-pages.

The second design will be based on the main design, but will need a secondary navigation area (Not dropdowns off the main navigation). Whilst we don’t like the design of this secondary nav, an example is at (Book Online, Special Offers, Destinations.....etc)

This page should have a similar look and feel, to the home page with the secondary navigation areas.

Holidays, Cruises and Specials will all use this layout. Secondary Navs are:

-Self Drive
-Coach Touring

-Specials and Hot deals
-South Pacific Cruises
-Asia Cruises
-Mediterranean Cruises
-Caribbean/Mexico Cruises
-Family Cruises
-Luxury Cruises

-Last Minute Deals
-Pick of the week Holidays

What to avoid

To much info or a cluttered page look. The overall look must be clean and easy to navigate, We don't intend to fill the page with lists and hundreds of separate pieces of information.