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New website design wanted for Brownie Points

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New website design wanted for Brownie Points


Our goal is to provide parents, teachers and guardians with a convenient and consistent tool for behaviour modification in child

Background information

Organization or website name

Brownie Points

Description of the website and its target audience

Our goal is to provide parents, teachers and guardians with a convenient and consistent tool for behaviour modification in children.

The website allows users to reward or punish children in their care by awarding or removing 'Brownie Points'.

The new business/website model will allow children to earn brownie points by performing extra chores or achieving good grades. They will then be able to 'buy' privileges with those points (e.g. choice of movie, favourite restaurant or theme park).

Parents will also be able to remove points for negative behaviour.

Existing website to reference

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

We're after a total of two page layouts based on the same overall sty;e/look/feel. Please choose from 2 of the following.

1) A Home page that sells the concept and convinces parents to register

- the home page will be integrated with a facebook site that shows recent posts from the Brownie Points page

- login/logout routines

- recent messages from admins

- std forgotten password routine

2) User page for the parent/Guardian. This will allow users to

- allocate or remove points from their children by selecting a behaviour that has already been agreed upon with the child.

- each allocated behaviour can also be associated with an optional note from the parent/guardian. This should be encouraged so that the child recalls the incident.

- Agree or deny requests for points sent by the child or a 3rd party (this can also be done from a link in an email).

- Edit behaviours and their associated Brownie points (both negative and positive)

- Add or edit children's details

- share children with other parents, guardians or teachers.

- add, delete or edit behaviours and privileges and their associated brownie point values.

- add/edit/remove privileges that children can purchase. This involves editing the name, points, images, exclusivity and expiry times for each reward.

- each privilege/reward/punishment can optionally be shared with the rest of the community so that they are available to others.

- Privileges can also be selected from a list of privileges already created by Brownie admins or selected from a list of privileges created by other users who have chosen to share them.

- view a chronological history summary of behaviours of all children in their care

- view a summary of Brownie Point totals for each child in a 'high score' table. This will also include a score for last week (for comparison), a high score and graphics indicating which children currently have privileges.

- each parent guardian may set email alerts for their account. They may choose to receive emails for every punishment/achievement story, every reward story or no emails at all.


A certificate of reward/appreciation that can be kept or printed. It will contain the child's name, face, age, behaviour, points, notes and image associated with the positive behaviour if appropriate. .

4) Parent/Child Agreement page/printout

Punishments, rewards and privileges all with their associated Brownie Points need to be printable (A4) in an attractive way such that children and adults can sign their agreement and then place the rules in a common area (e.g. fridge)

5) user page for each child

- They can apply for points by clicking on various behaviours

- view the unused rewards children have already paid for and their expiry times

- view their reward history

- view a history summary of their behaviours

- view a summary of all behaviours and their associated Brownie points

- view a summary of all rewards and their associated Brownie points

- children only see rewards/punishments/privileges that are suitable for their age bracket.

- Children can purchase privileges with their points.

- children can play a 'roulette' type game where they will be afforded a random privilege (that they don't already have) for a relatively small number of points

6) Privilege pages

- each Privilege will have its own page, editable by the creator and Brownie Points administrators.

- each Privilege will be associated with a name, description, creator, date, Brownie Points, exclusivity option, icon, suggested age range and a description of how this particular Privilege will benefit the child concerned psychologically and benefit their long term growth and maturity.