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Contest title


website design for Pxleyes


Pxleyes is a community of graphics artists and photographers

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

Pxleyes is a community of graphics artists and photographers.

Existing website to reference

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

We're looking for a 1 page design for the STARTPAGE of

This design requirements are as follows:

- 960 pixels wide

- The Color theme of the page should resemble the colors on now (blue - white - black - orange). Keep in mind that this is a complete redesign. The current startpage has nothing to do with the new design. Only the color theme should remain the same.

- The overall look & feel should be clean, fresh, web 2.0 - For example: the startpage of Facebook when you are not logged in.

- The site's logo should be on the page. The PSD of this logo can be downloaded here:

- A login form should be on the page. (Username, password, login button)

- A registration form should be on the page. (with Username, Password, Confirm Password, E-mail and register button)

- The site's tagline is "For Pixel Addicts" - the design should make clear that this site is a community site, with everything related to pixels. (photoshop, photography, digital drawing, 3D, ...)

- The design should be able to display a large amount of information, without getting cluttered. This information should promote the 3 main things people can do on the site.

1) Participate in Graphics Contests - We have photoshop, photography, drawing and 3D contests.
2) Create Art and Photo Albums - Unlimited space to upload all your art and photo albums.
3) Learn from Tutorials - Learn your favorite graphics program in no time with 10.000+ indexed tutorials.

How you present these 3 main sections is up to your creativity. Small alterations can be made to this text, but the overall purpose of the site has to remain clear.

- The design should have a section for 3-4 thumbnails. This is where new uploads will appear. Placeholders can be used in the design.

- A footer should be on the page. Just 1 line with text links. In the design, placeholders can be used for the text.

- Keep in mind that this is a complete redesign. I see people are just redesigning the current startpage. The current startpage has nothing to do with the new design.
The new startpage has to be very clean, with only the information I provided in this description. This means, no menu, no ads and no extra text or other self-invented extras.

PS: optionally, you are free to suggest a new design for the inner pages.