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Successful Italian Restaurant Needs Complete Website Redesign

rotondo needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 285 designs submitted by 58 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - GDT Design
To the next lucky website contest holder, Consider yourself fortunate if GDT Design chooses to participate in your design contest. I cannot say enough about GDT Design. He won an ultra competitive website challenge with SIX amazing and super creative finalists. I gave GDT copious, detailed notes, and he followed them to the letter, while continuing to produce elegant, crisp designs. He has no ego--meaning, he eagerly accepts feedback and corrections, and had no problem adapting his creative to fit my business needs. A desirable trait in such a talented person! I have very high standards, and GDT met or exceeded them all. GDT did a fantastic job of utilizing my logo elements and weaved them intricately throughout all the pages of my website design challenge. He also created a strong stylized aesthetic which really added character to my website. During the design process, it was clear that he did a good job reading the design brief and understood what was required of him; this meant that his initial designs were of high quality. After the job was done (he was already declared the winner of the contest), when he found out I could not afford one of the images he used, he gladly found and replaced the image with a more reasonable alternative. GDT is a nice guy, a talented artist, and a true design partner. I look forward to working with him in the future. Sincerely, Bernard Lee
- gamutind

How rotondo started their web page design journey

Company name


We will GUARANTEE this project when there are enough submissions.

Our website ( was created in the 1990s and served its purpose. We now need to update our website image. We will keep most of the written website content (though some things will be edited). Colors, fonts, the layout, etc all need to be updated. We need fresh and innovative ideas to help us update our site.

We are a major Italian restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland and are 20 years old. We're one of the most successful restaurants in Little Italy. Our website needs to incorporate some key changes including better layout, better graphics, better colors, better fonts, more emphasis on social networking, and an area at the top where we can have a banner appear.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Our target audience are patrons and customers who reside around Baltimore, Maryland. We have a lot of customers who visit from Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.

Our website visitors should be able to navigate our website easily, find out about our promotions, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, read our menu, etc. As you can see from our current website, we have a lot of information "crammed" and we need to improve this.

We need to appeal to a younger, hipper crowd and at the same time maintain appeal for our older, established clients.



There is another $500.00+ award available for a coding team. If you or your colleagues can do the website and the coding, this is a great opportunity for you. If you can just provide the artistic redesign of the home page, that's also fine and we'll just find the coding team elsewhere.

The coding team should develop a basic content management system (CMS) that allows us to:

1. Update/ rotate pictures across our different webpages. Some sample restaurant photographs will be attached to this project brief. Please incorporate these pictures in the homepage redesign. Final positioning, size, etc. will be determined.

2. Add/ remove/ delete banners across different webpages. Some sample banners will be attached to this brief. Please incorporate these banners in some of your submissions for the homepage redesign. You can just take a static image for the submission if required.

3. Basic database: We need some .php or other type databases that allow us to capture, sort, manipulate, etc. data submitted at different locations on our website.

(More will follow on CODING)


We mentioned the coding first above so you can work backwards. We need some eye-catching ideas for our homepage that can appear on each page. Be innovative with color schemes, fonts, etc.

Some sample logo designs are attached in red and yellow.

Please be creative.

Number of pages


Page descriptions

There will actually be around 15 total pages or so on this website, but we're looking for a winning design that can we can utilize on each webpage with little or no adjustment.

Your design should be relate to the home page.

We will be very involved in providing feedback and constructive criticism.

We will be uploading the following attachments:

1. Some sample photographs of our restaurant.
2. Sample logos redesigns.
3. Sample banners.

The more variations we can see on these, the better.

Regarding the logo, please delete the word "REWARDS" in red below our name "Amiccis" before posting.

Regarding the banner, we are only uploading 1 or 2 of them just so you can get an idea on size and placement. We can provide complete banners later (probably more important for the CODING team).

Existing website


1. The fonts are difficult to read.
2. The colors are old.
3. Content is too crammed and bunched up.
4. The website doesn't convey enough about our dishes and specialties or the high quality of our food.

Example websites

We want bold, unique, fresh, and eye-catching ideas.

We don't have other websites' identities in mind.

One idea: Please refer to where you will see a series of images at the top depicting financial themes. Maybe we can incorporate a similar idea with some of the photos attached to this brief. Perhaps the photos can be enlarged when the mouse hovers over the photographs. We'd like to see some homepage mock-ups with this collage-type feature and others without it and just single photographs in different places.

Our signature dish is photographs 30, 41, 46, and 48.

Custom package


Paid features

  • Featured listing
  • Twitter promotion

Free features

  • Blind contest
  • Guaranteed
  • Fast-tracked



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