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100 Store Pizza Chain - Web Page Design

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Winner - malinic78
Excellent work Malinic78! We have enjoyed working with you. Your personable nature and creativity make you and your design an easy choice for us. Good luck with your other contests!
- Marketing792

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Pizza Eaters Australia Wide. We all love Pizza Dont we? 131 PIZZA number and our online ordering feature will be most suited to 14-60 year olds male and females. (Females being the dominant for online ordering)

Brand Name

Pizza Local - 131 PIZZA

Brief Summary

Pizza Local is Australia's 4th largest and only independent pizza group among the top chains. We run similar to a franchise however we are NOT a franchise. We are a pizza retail banner group that supports the best quality locally owned independent pizzerias (who all have their own identity) with products and services which the large franchises provide their franchisees with and are not normally affordable to a sole independent operator. Our main service being 131 PIZZA (the pizza industry's best phone word) which is a one number national ordering service to the best quality independent pizzerias. We have won awards supported by the Australian Government and we are growing at a rapid rate and our target of being the largest pizza group in Australia (which is likely) will be a historic event for the pizza industry here in Australia. We are a young, vibrant and energetic company that loves to support local companies.

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We need: A corporate website with an edge. Our competitors are Pizza Hut, Dominos, Crust Pizza, Eagle Boys and Pizza Capers who are all corporate chains. We dont have the budget of these guys and are the little guys of the industry (but we have large store numbers). We have flown under the radar and it is time to come out with a bang. We would like our website to be Fresh, Fun, Vibrant, Engaging and Exciting whilst staying simple to use and navigate. The two most important features of our business are: 131 PIZZA Online Ordering Use your flair and creativity to come up with something that has a corporate look but with an edge. We dont like boring. This website will become our marketing tool for the future. It will be where we can grow our data base of loyal customers and create a buzz through social media/ blogs etc... Running promotions to our data base of customers will become an important aspect of the website.

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We require: Home Page About Us Page Menu Page Nutrition Page Join Pizza Local Page Blog Page Contact Us Page Other important features or icons that will be needed: Quick Store Finder (Find "Your" Local by suburb, postcode, store name and closest will be displayed on google map for selection) Online Ordering Tweet Pizza (this is where we will be pulling tweets from twitter relating to pizza) Random Pizza Decider (a fun little icon for those that dont know what pizza to order) Pizza of the week (pic and details about the pizza of the week) Pizza statistic of the week Recipe of the week (provided by one of our quality pizzerias each week) Live Help (click for live help or questions with Pizza Local. This will be suited to new stores wanting to join) Social Media Links (predominant) Download the iphone app Area where flash images can be apparent. These can be interchangeable etc... All text and buttons to be a little creative. Do not like boring icons or standard text. This is a minimal text website. Key words we like: Love Family Tradition Eat Freedom Life Fresh Friends

Existing Website This did the job when we launched but is now massively outdated and I like nothing about it.

Example Websites (I like this for its cool graphics and easy use) (i like this for its fun, fresh vibe) (i like this for values and tradition) (ultra cool website that relates so well together. Bacardi and music!