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    Thu, 02 Jul 2009 08:54:56 +0000
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    Wow, what a discussion having taken place over night!

    On behalf of the MOC team, I would like to make my statement on this matter.
    First of all, I have to say I am really sorry that the comments have taken this turn. This is a discusion that has nothing to do with MOC, and we are really sorry to be made part of it. Furthermore I see absolutely no reason for accusing anyone from copying..

    There is of course, similar elements in the different entries, and I'll try to explain why I don't see that as a problem. (I will however not comment on any specific designers or similarities)

    We have in our designbrief made a presentation in the form of a wire frame that we have asked designers to build the design on. Meaning that it is only natural that the entries would contain similarities.

    I hope not to offend anyone when I point out that the whole idea behind this design community is ‘crowdsourcing’. To me that means, that designers (in open competion) work together in elaborating the perfect design and thereby meeting the wishes of CH. All comments between designer and CH are made in public for everybody to learn from it and to proceed from there. Learning from eachother is not copying.

    As CH in this competion it has been of great importance to me to sense that the designers are listened to the feedback given to other designers. It is equally impossible to give original feedback on every entry as it is to come up with a fresh design.

    Again this is a design community and we should all learn from eachother. Both the good and the bad..

    Apart from this final discussion, which will hopefully end now, I have enjoyed working with you, and hope to be back soon on the behalf of future custumers. The re-design of the MOC website is actually a test to see if we will recommend 99Design to out own customers – SO BEHAVE YOURSELVES ;-)

    Take care, and good luck un future contests. Winner will be chosen soon!