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Redesign for personal growth website

Designers from around the world are submitting creative designs for ivanv in web page design - custom.

Runner-up design by invulse
Runner-up design by icedtea
Runner-up design by skywavelab
Runner-up design by eyenod
Runner-up design by eyenod
Runner-up design by eyenod
Runner-up design by eyenod
Runner-up design by eyenod
Runner-up design by livefire
Runner-up design by eyenod
Runner-up design by livefire
Runner-up design by livefire
Runner-up design by Sunnybirch

How ivanv started their web page design journey


Complete overhaul for http://www.gansolandia.com/.

Experience in usability is a plus.

Brand name


What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Desarrollo Interno y MM:PM

Desired Color Scheme:
Show us you're good matching colors.

Desired Style:
Clean, not too simple, maybe a cartoonish-look.

Accepted File Formats:
PSD, others.

We have a personal growth website located at http://www.gansolandia.com, and we want to redesign it to be more appealing and be more in harmony with its target audience.

Some important notes:

* There is no rush. Take your time.
* You can post a rough draft, and build from there using our feedback.
* Please refrain from submitting "me-too" designs, like most on Template Monster. We want a unique design, not the usual layout with boxes all over.
* You can submit the general look and feel and after you get selected you'll customize it to fit each section detailed below.
* When you're selected and as you're working on the final design, please pay attention to details like the fonts used, text sizes, etc. What I mean is that the design must be uniform (i.e., if on the main page you're showing the quotes section, use the same kind of styles when listing quotes)... I don't know if you get the idea or I'm not being clear?

Here is a list of sections that must be taken into consideration:

- Blog-like articles assigned to one or more categories, with comments section*.
- A directory of members, each member with a personal page (just for a short message)*.
- An event listing, with image gallery (for posting after the event).
- A few static pages*.
- A section for quotes*.
- A section for very short articles*.
- A links section.
- Search box.
- A podcast/vidcast section*.
- A comic strip section*.
- A testimonials section (with pictures and/or video).

The main and most important part would be the blog articles, that the testimonials are shown on the main page, and maybe the podcasts.

Do take note that most of the sections above are just a variation of the main blog-like page (the ones marked with an *). Nevertheless, feel free to suggest otherwise.

Now a few points about our desired "look and feel":

* The audience is anywhere from people completely new to computers to knowledgeable surfers, but when a compromise must be made it should be for benefit of the newbie.

* We're aiming at a cartoon like site, but clean looking. Not cramped at all. So feel free to let loose your creativity. We're open to other suggestions if you think it fits.

* We'd like the design to be inviting so the visitor feels welcome to browse around and read more articles.

* Also we'd like the design to be community friendly, as to motivate the exchange of opinions on the articles.

* "Human-friendly" designs will be favored.

Bid away!

PS: After this project is finished there's also a corporate web site that needs the same treatment.

Thanks for entering.

PPPS: Here's some more info for inspiration:

Words we would like to associate with our site:

* Easy
* Welcoming
* Fun
* Helpful
* Community
* Wisdom
* Inner development

What we would like others to think of the face we would like to portray:

Want them to think:
* Easy to use and friendly interface
* Friendly community

Like to portray:
* Simple
* Professional yet friendly
* Approachable
* Its easy, not complex
* A service for everyone
* Clear benefits

What it will be like using our site:

* Super easy and intuitive
* Enjoyable
* Creative
* Quick
* Painless

A brief walkthrough for someone using the site, why do they come to us and what do they get out of it:

* They come to the site because they want to learn more about how to grow as a person, and how to help and influence others.
* They get helpful information and an interesting community to interact with.

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