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Contest title


Queen Rania's official website – Queen of Jordan


Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan is dedicated to ensuring every child receives a quality education. Through

Background information


Queen Rania's audience includes: passionate supporters; media; NGOs & volunteers; policy makers; and beneficiaries of Her Majesty’s work and scholarships. Beyond this: people interested in Queen Rania, Jordan, and education.  The audience includes two language groups: English and Arabic.

Brand Name

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. (On the website: Rania Al Abdullah – Queen of Jordan)

Brief Summary

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan is dedicated to ensuring every child receives a quality education. Through advocacy, teacher training, technology, and more, Her Majesty works to increase access and raise standards in education in Jordan and around the world. Queen Rania is also committed to community empowerment and sustainable development. Queen Rania’s official website is home to all of Her Majesty’s work, including press coverage, photos, videos, and initiatives. QueenRania.jo is also a space for fans to connect with Her Majesty, interact with each other, and support Queen Rania’s work. The purpose of the website is to promote Her Majesty and her mission. The purpose of this competition is to replace the current website’s flash entrance module with a fully functional, non-flash home page that provides easier access to the rest of the website. In addition, we want to increase users’ time on the site by showing relevant pages and/or news items alongside the main content on each page.  The website is in both English and Arabic. The competition is to provide graphic design and art work for the English side of the website only. However, entrants should take into consideration that their work must be compatible right-to-left as well as left-to-right. A link to the Arabic side of the site should therefore also be included in the design.

Content details


A design that reflects Her Majesty’s royal image: • clean, uncluttered, bold, and visually appealing; • liberal use of white space; • the website’s current colors should be maintained; • feel free to add colors in any way you see fit that don't change the feel of the website.

Number of page


Page Details

1. Layout of the home page should cover the following items:  • a header with current logo; • a fully functional drop down menu; • a prominent area for the featured news; • a media section (news will be sorted based on date and popularity); • our core message "Education = Opportunity" and accompanying tagline (see website); • a large "Join my community" button should be clear and appealing for the users to click on; • an area to show Her Majesty's latest tweets; • an area to  highlight community discussions and provide an easy way to join in; • a section to show the latest photos and videos uploaded to the website; • a footer that links to Her Majesty's social media accounts (Facebook fan page, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube channel, podcast channel on i-Tunes, and a link to bookmark the website on Delicious). 2. Layout of the interior page: • a header with current logo; • a fully functional drop down menu; • a main content area; • a space for social networking icons; • a link to share page content (Twitter, Facebook, email, print); • a space for links to other pages related to the current page. 

Existing Website

http://www.queenrania.jo The media section is where most updates occur, but currently it is under represented on the website. The online community of visitors and registered users is also under represented. 

Example Websites