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Designs for Tax Declarations e-marketplace - guaranteed prize!

marcello.rachlyn ran a web page contest and chose a winning design they loved.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Mark Calvin
Great work as always!
- Anonymous
Finalist - mehmet m.
Great job. Visionary design.
- Anonymous
Finalist - vikjain
Very proactive and great to work with
- Anonymous
Finalist - T6S
Steven is always great to work with and has brilliant ideas on design and website operation.
- shayan U
Finalist - The Dreamer Designs
Nishant did a wonderful job and was willing to make any changes I required. Great communication skills helped too.
- Anonymous
Finalist - Technology Wisdom
You guys are the best.
- Anonymous

How marcello.rachlyn started their web page design journey

Organization or website name

DeclareFacil ( Easy Tax Return )

Description of the website and its target audience

We are a Brazilian company specialized in e-marketplaces . In this project we are building an e-marketplace that brings together accountants with people who need to make their tax returns.. Let us explain .. in Brazil people have to make a declaration of income tax every year .. is something bureaucratic .. some people prefer to hire consultants (usually accountants) to make this work.

We must clearly show that it is an e-marketplace that puts clients ( people ) along with the accountants.. 

The user is asked to answer a few questions online. After that the site ranks in a five degrees of complexity of tax declarations and shows the accontants that do accept these statements (in boxes with photos, ratings, etc. ..).

After the user chooses his accountant, the site charges the value of service and puts the two in contact, through the platform, and they do the work together.

After finishing the work, the platform release the payment to the accountant.

What industry do you think your business is most related to?

Business & Consulting

Existing website to reference ( this is the actual website, before the e-marketplace plataform is ready )

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the web page?

General designs recommendations:

We have some reference sites and some pictures wireframes .. the design of the home accepts many changes.

The desing of the site in general should be clean. We also like pastel colors and fine lines ..

Which websites inspire you and why?

Number of pages needed


Tell us about each page you’d like designed

We have some wireframes ( just for exemple ) in the .ppt file..

> 1 - home
At home we want to show clearly that it is an e-marketplace. The main focus should be on the client, but we also want to show the attractiveness for consultants (accountants).

The steps of "how it works" are listed below .. they can be simplified for you, but content should cover the understanding of the procedures ..

a) answer 12 simple questions and find out the complexity of your tax return for free.

b) if you want professional help to make their declaration of income tax, choose one of our consultants,

c) make payment to guarantee the quality of work or your money back

d) interact - simply and quickly - w/ your advisor through your desktop or smartphone,

e) receive confirmation that your statement was successfully delivered to the Treasury and rate your consultant.

We must invite the visitor (possibly a person who needs to do his tax declaration) to answer the questions that will result in the assessment of the complexity of his tax declaration. Is it free and can help the client understand the complexity of its declaration of income tax, even if he do it alone... Will be about 12 questions yes or no. Eventually these questions may be on another page or fade-out.

We also need to show some consultants (in boxes with ratings, photo, etc. ..) to help in the understanding that there are several options.

This is the page that accepts more variations with respect to wireframe..

> 2 - Page to choose a consultant

After (automatically, by website) to evaluate the complexity of this particular tax return, we show consultants, their photos, their prices for that kind of statement, ratings, etc. ..

On the left we have some filters (price range, location, ratings, time of execution of work, etc. ..)

3 - Page of interaction between user and consultant

On this page we have the interaction between user and consultant. There is a need to up-load some documents (this may be done by scanner, electronics upload documents or photos for smartphones). There is also a bar w/ steps and a chat box between the consultant and user.

========================= New observations to finalists=============================

Dear finalists, thank you for your valuable work so far.

Please read the following general considerations with regard to design:

a) The homepage should include two areas..  for blog and news .

b ) we are preparing a short video (animation ) explaining the purpose of the website . This video must be accommodated on the homepage without competing with the " how it works" which remains the principal means of understanding the system .

c ) please place your now the definitive " how it works" icons . The design of the icons are very important to us . You can suggest other topics of icons for the " how it works" if properly explain the system .

d ) after 12 questions we will show the degree of complexity of the declaration of the income tax system in five bands ( simple, complex little , medium , complex and very complex ) . The result appears below or next to the questions .. Please suggest a design for this result .

e) It will be possible to send the documents and/or interact for desktop or smarfone via IOS or android. I need to explain this possibility in a simple and discreet way, in the homepage.

f) please do the design for the other two pages ... you can change what is suggested in the wireframes , since all the buttons and features are preserved .

Thanks a lot

What to avoid

dark sites, confused, heavy sites, heavy colors.

Custom package


Paid features

  • Featured listing
  • Twitter promotion
  • Blog promotion

Free features

  • Blind contest
  • Guaranteed



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