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Jason Aiken ran a web page design contest — Custom package.


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Runner-up design by pavot
Runner-up design by nabeeh
Runner-up design by chuknorris
Runner-up design by perrrfect
Runner-up design by sebancb
Runner-up design by Colorgeek

Some of the designers who made it happen

Finalist - sam2305
Shyam (sam2305) was an absolute pleasure to work with on this project. He came up with great designs, and when I made suggestions, he would make the suggested changes but often usually take it even further to get to a better result. Nothing was ever too hard, and he was very patient with numerous revisions (I'm a perfectionist!). The other great thing is that he would respond to comments within secondsand have new revised designs within minutes. The final result is amazing, and everyone I've showed has been blown away. Thanks Shyam, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
- clinks
Finalist - chuknorris
JunoDesign was a pleasure to work with, and was extremely patient despite us asking for so many changes. We will definitely come back to hire JunoDesign for later work as the quality and speed at which he works is unparalleled!
- Ben Waldher (Blink)
Finalist - QbL
In launching a new marketplace at, we wanted a design that was "By Designers, For Designers" which is our motto for QBL competed with many other designers and her design rose above the competition. Thanks for the great work and look for your work soon as we rebrand our business around this design.
- LeftOfTheDot
Finalist - nabeeh
Nabeeh showed his skill / touch since the first day! Wonderful job Nabeeh, keep it up
- Mohannad Otaibi
Finalist - perrrfect
Alex was a pleasure to work with. He's very talented, detail oriented, and is willing to go the extra effort to create an amazing design.
- Nina881190

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99designs, the largest online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design services, enables businesses to source custom logo design, web design, t-shirt design, print design and other graphic design work quickly and affordably by launching design projects to a global community of more than 150,000 designers in 192 countries.

Every week more than 1,200 new design contests are launched allowing designers to showcase their talents on a level playing field while creating the opportunity to reach clients they would not have otherwise been exposed to. Approximately 40% of the projects lead to additional direct work making 99designs a powerful tool for making money and building client relationships.

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Welcome to the 99designs homepage redesign contest!
We are looking to bring a fresh perspective to our homepage:
We are open to ALL ideas!
You can take an evolutionary approach by making small improvements to what’s already there... OR you can make big sweeping changes and take us in a whole new direction. :)
Either way there are some important things to consider:
1. It’s important the new homepage fits in with the rest of our existing site - it should be simple, creative and fun.
2. We serve TWO distinct audiences (clients & designers). We currently focus our homepage more on the client side, which is important for selling contests. However, we are open to designs that explore highlighting the design community more while retaining the primary goal of selling design contests.
3. Our current homepage is set up like a landing page, meaning it is optimized to focus customers into a sales funnel. Clearly the sales funnel is important. That said, we are open to explore designs that provide more of an overview of how the site works, with graphic design project examples right up front..
4. Logo and Web design are our two biggest categories. We also offer a variety of other graphic design categories, many of which you will see on our current homepage.
5. The new page should include:
- Our phone number
- A link to “Request a design consultation”
- Links to our product pages (logo design, website design, business card design etc...)
- Our footer (can be redesigned)
6. We have found the following elements useful so you may want to include them and we are open to seeing designs without them as well:
- Logos for the prominent media coverage (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch, Forbes)
- Site statistics (i.e. number of designs per contest, number of open contests, and so on)
7. We are open to calling more attention to our social channels (blogs, Facebook, Twitter)
8. We are open to designs that DO and DO NOT include the video.
9. Ultimately we would like our site to be responsive so the content displayed adjusts automatically depending on the screen size of the device being used to view it. Bonus points for designs that conform to a "responsive design" framework :)
Go wild and have fun!

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