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Create the next website design for Webdesign

iMag_Rene picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just $1,395 they received 111 designs from 29 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next website design for Webdesign



Background information

Organization or website name Webdesign

Description of the website and its target audience ist a Document/ Flyer Advertising Portal that allows People to:

Browse, Share, Upload and Comment Flyers.
A PDF-Flyer is uploaded via Webform, processed and then can be viewed trough the player.
The player can either be Flash or Javascript.
Compareable Examples are: or

Design Requirements:
Create a 5 Page Design for:
- Homepage
- Searchresult/Category Page
- Detailpage (not Popout/Lightbox, but inside a normal HTML Page)
- Upload/Newsfeed page
- Profile/Edit Page

Design Style:
Basic, Straightforward.
Compareable to Techcrunch/GooglePlus/
Please create designs that work with more/Less Items
Web.20, A New Logo is required

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

Homepage: Featured Docs, Latestet Docs, SEO Content Boxes
Category: List of Docs for a given topic
Detailpage: Normal HTML Page (not Lightbox) with Player for Docs
Profilepage: Newsstream
Modify Profie: Edit my Profile