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Boardhost website re-design

hosthut needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 71 designs submitted by 20 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Crafted design
I will give a short and compact rating, and a long rating. Depending on how much you want to know about Crafted design. We have worked intensively with him for 3 weeks and share our experiences with you. Short Rating: Crafted design is a designer who has the gift to think differently than his competitors. His creativity is at a level we have never seen before. The communication with him is fantastic, he is honest and advises you in every step of the design process. He is funny and even very charming. His appearance is very positive. His talent lies not only in designing, but also in dealing with the client. He has always been very polite and patient, and has designed far more pages and elements than was even agreed. In total he designed 48 pages, 4 mobile pages and several elements. But more about that in the detailed rating. I would not give him 5 stars, I would give him 7/5, because I was not only 100% satisfied, but even more so that I will work with him later on other projects. Long rating We started a competition to design a blog. We chose the competition option, where 5 pages should be designed. The competition started on 19.11.2018 and many designers submitted their designs. We were enthusiastic about all the designers right from the start and even had goose bumps with the many designs. But all, really all designers did exactly what we wrote in the briefing. Of course, we had to declare before the competition what kind of design we wanted, how the pages were structured and how everything was structured. But what everyone didn't realize was that we're not designers. We don't know how everything belongs together best. How everything is arranged and where each element fits best. Then Crafted Design came into play. This designer submitted a design that was different from EVERYTHING. In his architecture and the creativity that was in the idea of his design. He was directly identified by us as our favourite, but we still wanted to wait for other designers who might surprise us even more. So we let other designers take part in our competition. But days went by and there were no designs that could have topped what Crafted design had conjured up. So we ended the competition earlier, and only put Crafted Design into the final. It would have been unnecessary to go to the final with 4 other designers. So we could concentrate on the most creative designer. The competition was now in the final round. We have extended it a few times by 4 days thanks to the 99designs support, because Crafted design has noticed that we had problems to redesign a complicated blog with the main focus on "blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tutorials for crypto beginners" with only 5 design pages. Crafted said we shouldn't worry, he's not there to just design 5 pages as required and paid for, he's there to satisfy his customers 100%, and just deliver something that's 100% hamroning with each other. In 3 weeks he designed 48 pages and more than 4 mobile pages, plus several elements like Mega Menu, Mobile Menu, various sidebars and much more. We often rejected something and wanted to be sprinkled with even more creativity. We have certainly often pushed Crafted design to its limits, we are very precise and cosy. Everything has to be symmetrical and harmonious, the smallest details have to fit. If we changed the layout on one page, he had to change it on ALL pages. But in all these moments, he was always polite, kind, understandable. He did everything without hesitation and solved very professionally. We've worked with a lot of freelancers, but we've never met anyone at such a level. We are really very happy with our new design and would recommend Crafted design to 110%. We already have some more projects in the pipeline, which we will do directly with Crafted design. For us Branko (as the designer is called) is now our clear number 1. To Branko personally: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great design and for your patience with us. You invested a lot of time in us and won a new regular customer. You did much more than you should have done and helped a "small" startup a lot. You can assume that we will knock on your door every few months with new projects :p THANK YOOUUUU our new friend ❤️ :)))
- Mariya Shvets

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