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Use our cool logo to create a cool T-Shirt

Big Zee needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 121 designs submitted by 35 freelance designers.

Runner-up design by bhe2ko21
Runner-up design by killer_meowmeow
Runner-up design by nextart
Runner-up design by Vl4d
Runner-up design by nextart
Runner-up design by cak rom
Runner-up design by bhe2ko21
Runner-up design by nextart
Runner-up design by bhe2ko21
Runner-up design by nextart

How Big Zee started their t-shirt journey

Brand name



Chillisauce is tour company selling exiting activity based weekends, from white water rafting to cliff jumping to stock car racing to snowboarding.

The brand is a very "cool" brand, and gives people the opportuntity to do the things they have always wanted to do.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Our target audience is affluent, intelligent, cool 25-40 year olds (male and female), who like a taste for adventure and extreme sports.


The requirements are fairly simple - Use our Logo to create a very cool T Shirt. We want a T-Shirt that where people would be happy to wear out to a nightclub.

The front should include our logo and name in some form, and the back should have some form of design which can be anything you want ( but in keeping with the logo design theme ).

The design doesn't need to be complex, and you don't need to really alter the logo much for the front - it's all about subtle altering of with the logo, logo positioning and size, the use of colour blends, and how it forms around the T-Shirt.

We have had several T-Shirts that have already been designed - and these are good.... but good things can always be improved. Don't be afraid to use designs quite similar to the big bold logo, as we like it - again it is in the detail on any small tweaks you do such as logo position, extending the logo, details on the arm, colour variations, what is on the back, where the top edge of the logo hits the seams, extending the logo, reversing the colours, exploring different background colours and forground colours etc etc

The font is attached, along with various other files our designer generally use.

I have attached some images which show our staff wearing our original T-Shirts (we really liked them, but they were just not quite polished enough) - and also some designs we had a temp in the office do along the same lines with different color blends and slight logo alteration. So its all about whats in the detail.

Unfortunately I don't have an image of the back of the original shirt, but I can tell you it was 3 short lines from the logo colours just below the back of the neck.

Final designs should be in a format that can be just sent off to the printers, without further work.

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