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Smoot needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

2 winners were selected from 142 designs submitted by 23 freelance designers.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - PRUPA
Excellent designer. Great design and great communication!
- Shawn101393
Winner - :: scott ::
Scott has excellent communication, design skills, and interpretation of request for styles. Don't hesitate to work with him! I will certainly in the near future.
- John Sierra

How Smoot started their t-shirt journey

Company name


Bidsauce is a penny auction website that allows customers to bid on retail products and gifts cards. The auction starts at a $0 and the purchase price increases by 1 penny with every bid placed. The customer that is the last bidder of the auction when it closes, wins. Customers bid against each other to win these retail Products for penny's on the dollar. It is a very exciting way to online shop.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

All Ages and men and women. A majority of our customers are women. However not an overwhelming majority.


We would like to to see great ideas. The sky is the limit. I have attached the logo and we obviously want to have that or the web address on the the shirt but feel free to change the logo or use part of it ect.... We are very open to fun ideas. No limit to colors and we are looking for a trendy design the will really brand out site and be the kind of shirt that people will want to wear around.

Possible Slogans or phrases:
* Get saucy!
* I got sauced on bidsauce!
* Get your sauce on.
* I'm saucy.
* The site where there is no charge for awesomeness!
* Sauce Sweats!
* Sauce is Sexy!
* I'm a meat popsicle dip me in sauce! :)

or what ever combinations or completely different thoughts that you come up with! We are open and we don't want to squash and creativity. Looking for great ideas and have fun!

Thanks, i will a give feedback very quickly to help the process along. Good luck!

We will be awarding more then one winner so bring alot of ideas!

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Free features

  • Blind contest
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