Winning design by Krash63

T-Shirt Design Needed to Honor Inspirational Trail Runner

Kkramer208 picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just $149 they received 33 designs from 10 designers.

First time with 99designs and was happy with how things turned out. I was a little slow to the process in the beginning and had to request an extension but after that I got the hang of it and will use 99designs again. I appreciate all the emails 99designs sends you to keep you on top of the process.
- Kristen M. Kramer

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


T-Shirt Design Needed to Honor Inspirational Trail Runner


Vintage/Run T-Shirt

Background information

Organization name

Muse Creation LLC

Description of the organization and its target audience

My business sells various products to niche markets online.



Content details


T-Shirt Design:

The overall structure of the design should kind of be like the "Newman's Own Sweet Enough" Cereal logo- SEE ATTACHED IMAGE below.

More important- I've done a little sketch of the overall look and what I want in the design. SEE ATTACHED SKETCH IMAGE below and read details.

The overall design is a half circle with the words "Simple. Free. Happy. Light. Easy. Adventure. Fun. Different. Loco. Celebrate" going around the top part of the circle (no periods). Across the bottom should read in bold "RUN LIKE CABALLO BLANCO" and below that but less emphasized "Then Have a Cerveza" The graphics inside the half circle should be of a runner (I like the runner in #10 that was submitted) going down a dusty path with a white horse. The sun should be shining brightly. The background/forest should contain some greenery and look like the copper canyon. I've put some pictures below to give you an idea of the copper canyon, but please create new graphic.....don't use any picture as is. Between the start and end of the wording in the half circle should be a small graphic of colorful corn (not yellow). See attached corn picture for inspiration.

Finally- I want the image to have a VINTAGE look - kind of like in the following examples.....

I am open to the shirt having several neutral/vintage looking colors or select color like in the last example above.

As for finally delivery, I will need the design to be:

1. Delivered in a .PNG file
2. 200 DPI
3. Maximum file size 7 mb
4. The design needs to fit in 10"x10" inch template @ 200 DPI- SEE ATTACHED template.
5. The design needs to feature a transparent background so it can print nicely on a darker shirt (white will be printed in design) If you don't know what these means see link…rts_design
6. A modified version of the design that would print well on a white t-shirt

Thanks for your help!! Let me know if you have any questions!