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T-Shirt for BigCommerce, Shopping Cart Software for Designers needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

3 winners were selected from 105 designs submitted by 38 freelance designers.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - appleART™
Thank you for your proposal.
- Anonymous
Winner - J K
Great job adapting the instructions that we gave, and coming up with a creative design.
- jdlecy
Winner - BIOhazard!™
This designer went the extra mile for me and really worked with me past the deadline to make some minor changes. Very happy and pleased. Thanks!
- Kyle.cassano

How started their t-shirt journey

Company name



Check out BigCommerce at - it's hosted shopping cart software created for designers with clients. Since launching in September 2009 it has become the fastest growing shopping cart software in the world with just under 10,000 clients.

For designers, it's dead simple and fast to create an online store for your clients with the power of and the flexibility of You also have full HTML&CSS access and can use FTP or the built-in QuickEdit file editor to make design changes on the fly.

BigCommerce is the preferred hosted shopping cart software for more than 2,000 of the world's best designers and it's allowing them to win more jobs and make more cash, all while churning out complete online stores for their clients faster and with less headaches.

This is BigCommerce, the easiest way to sell online.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We're looking for a t-shirt that will help us woo more designers to use BigCommerce when building online stores for their clients. The t-shirt design can be whatever you like but it should be connected to e-commerce and design some how. It can use our logo (…_large.jpg) or a variation of it - whatever you think works and will attract designers like you to check out BigCommerce.


A funky t-shirt design which may or may not use our logo (attached to this project) or a custom variation of it which you can create.

The color scheme is completely up to you. You can use shopping carts, ninjas or whatever else you deem interesting.

The content on the shirt is completely up to you. Use our logo or not but make it artistic and funky - something designers would like and something that would get a reaction.

The shirt should NOT include a call to action but it should look awesome and get designers talking - "Hey, funky shirt. Where did you get it?" Etc...

We like the kind of designs that Threadless sells. You know, cool, cartoonish but funky.

Here are some shirts we like that you can get ideas from:

- The Mailchimp t-shirts (…ts-are-in/)

- The Atlassian t-shirts (…ts_20.html) - notice the funny saying

- The style of this Threadless t-shirt:…uys_01.jpg

= The style of this Threadless t-shirt too:…uys_01.jpg

We will be printing at least a few hundred of these t-shirts and will be giving them away through contests and to our clients. Thanks for taking the time to enter and submit your design for consideration!

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