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SalmonCrazy Needs A Killer T-Shirt Design for A Modern Fly Fishing Brand

bmenecola ran a t-shirt contest and chose a winning design they loved.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Twicolabs Design
Great Design! Fast reaction! Thank you!
- shay O
Finalist - Design Workz
Awesome designer. His first design beat all the others. Quick to respond after feedback as well. 5 stars for sure.
- Anonymous
Finalist - PrimeART
Great Designer. Transferred files as soon as contest was over and worked with me to get the file types and logo sizes I needed.
- ngil x
Finalist - ((((((HUMMER))))))
Got the job done with very little direction
- Daniel Bull
Finalist - coprofagus
Vey talented, professional and responsive at all times. I will definitely invite him to future contests.
- TP1

How bmenecola started their t-shirt journey

To be used on

  • Men

What colors do you want to see in your design?

Burnt Orange, Black, Grey

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the t-shirt?

I am looking for an edgy design. Can't be an all-over print however I'd like to push the boundaries. I love the grunge, worn look. Also very fond of the graphite gray on black subtlety with burnt orange as key color. I am flexible and a Art Director myself so don't be afraid to challenge some of the requirements that are not required ones.

I know that the font used in the text portion of the logo is somewhat limiting at times for t-shirt design so I am ok with an alternate font treatment as long as the 'SC Fish' mark is used in the design to tie it all together. URL is a must as are colors: Burnt Orange, Black, Graphite Grey. How you use those be it a black, grey or orange shirt is up to you.

Clothing or apparel to design

Not specified

Logo to incorporate


I am looking for a great design grungy yet modern and classic design for a large salmon fishing community.

Printing Requirements:

- Deisgn for front and back.
- In general I am looking for a one color front to 2 color back but if the design warrants it I can do two color front and back.
- My printer can't handle an all-over print but can do a side (under the arm) printing.
- If possible I want to be able to print Burnt Orange Shirts and or Black/Grey shirts using the same print just reverse out the ink colors. This isn't a requirement but would be great.

Copy & Slogan Requirements:

Slogans I have used and are partial to:
1. When the leaves are falling, you know where to find me.
2. Living Life One October At A Time.

Other Requirement:

-Must use the logo.
- Can use other font treatment for 'SalmonCrazy' type if the stylized 'fish' mark is used. (Basically you can use a different font for the words SalmonCrazy as long as the 'fish' mark is used somewhere in the design to tie it back to the brand)
- URL must Be used:
- Love to incorporate 10th anniversary if possible (shouldn't be the focal point)
- Love to incorporate established in 2002 (shouldn't be a focal point and isnt a complete necessity)

What to avoid

- Don't use the 'SC Fish' mark and swap the font out as to make a new version of the logo with a new font.

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