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Official web magazine T-shirt (music videos and film)

majcenoff needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

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How majcenoff started their t-shirt journey

Brand name

Podoba-Glasba (Music-Image)


We are a web magazine dedicated to the art of music video. We follow everything that happens in the world of music videos (yes, the ones played on MTV or VH1), but with a twist. We don't see it as means of advertising, but from the point of view of film / movies. So we publish articles on music video history, directors, theory, DVD reviews, book reviews, interviews with music video directors. We look for music videos that are innovative, interesting, funny, different - think OK Go, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack. On a regular basis we also organize public projections of music videos in theaters.

Visit us at

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

People who watch television, go to the movies to watch art and older films, but who also like pop culture. They listen to a lot of music, especially indie / alternative scene. Probably younger to middle aged people 18-35 years old, but predominantly university students. Intelligent, familiar with music and film history references.


We are looking for an official T-shirt design, so it has to include the name Podoba-Glasba (meaning "Music-Image").

We are looking for a simple design, preferably 1-2 colors. Something eye-catching, visual, smart, innovative, lo-fi. Could be retro, especially because 80's are trendy again.

Key words that can help you: interaction of music and image, music videos, television, movies, films.

If you want, you can play around with two optional descritptions:
1) "Svet videospotov na dlani." (meaning "The world of music videos in your hands.")
2) "spletna revija za umetnost glasbenega videa" (meaning "a web magazine for the art of music video")

One other visual idea that can be played around with is the hyphen between the words Podoba (Image) and Glasba (Music). It signifies a strong connection between the two elements, and their complete balance. We usually emphasize it with a different color. See the top of our web page to see how we did that so far (

Another important symbol for us is the eye.

One of our major themes is also the fact that music videos are no longer played on TV, but on the internet, so the TV is becoming old, archaic, out of date.

Innovative, playful and smart solutions will be preferred over conventional ones.

Please send the design in at least a couple different file formats to assure compatibility.

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