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Killer Fratello Coffee T-shirt Design

Stophoto needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

5 winners were selected from 152 designs submitted by 39 freelance designers.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - anchi1984
great design, exactly what I was looking for. Ana was great responding to my feedback, and in only a couple of days I had just what I wanted. Thanks Ana.
- Thebaconmatrix
Winner - BIOhazard!™
This designer went the extra mile for me and really worked with me past the deadline to make some minor changes. Very happy and pleased. Thanks!
- Kyle.cassano

How Stophoto started their t-shirt journey

Brand name

Fratello Coffee Roasters


We import among the best coffee from 35 different countries, then roast it like master craftsmen, we sell to only those who want the best. Our customers tend to be young (18-35) year old men, but not entirely. They are edgy, casual, contemporary... willing to spend good money for the best. Our name, Fratello, means BROTHER. My two brothers and I run the company - 2nd generation company. We sell our product mostly to independently owned coffee shops.

We have strong relationships with the farmers who grow our coffee in South America, Africa, Asia.

Our website is:

**** Yes, we need a new website design too. Keep your eyes open for that one. ***

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Guys, 18-35 years old, contemporary, edgy, skate boarders or single speed pedal bicycles, tattoos. People who live in the city (NYC or San Francisco) - urban, live in lofts, trend setters, willing to spend money on things that are done well. Not formal. Casual. Alternative. A lot of the customers would listen to music, enjoy album art work. Many would be listening to LP records again - as they are vintage & analog & better quality then digital recordings. They might appreciate film photography and old vintage cameras as it is more artful & creative then shooting with digital cameras.

AUTHENTICITY is an important quality with our customers.

Companies who are doing coffee & image right:


Looking for a t-shirt design, incorporating our name. We do not have a formal logo - so the WORD "Fratello Coffee" can be a totally RANDOM word mark & or font. Images can also be RANDOM. We do NOT want to see a cup of coffee or coffee bean on the image.

*** Do not be "cliche" ***

Be random. There does not necessarily need to be any connection with the art work to coffee or my brothers.

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