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ICONOCLAST APPAREL. Urban graphics and typography

ocapparel needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 246 designs submitted by 38 freelance designers.


How ocapparel started their t-shirt journey

Company name



ICONOCLAST(tm) is an independent brand for people who believe that conscious art, urban culture and self expression can be the means for change. We are tired of government propaganda and soulless corporate brands telling us how to think, so we are taking matters into our own hands.

An ICONOCLAST is someone who is not afraid to challenge the norms of a society in their pursuit for the truth. They might be seen as subversive, rebellious or dangerous. But it is their fearlessness in the face of resistance and propaganda that brings change.

By producing socially aware graphics, sourcing ethically and giving 10% of the proceeds to child poverty projects we demonstrate the power of global urban culture to liberate people from exploitation and universal mind control.


Brands we love: Obey, The Hundreds, Mahahrishi, Addict, Original Fake, Neighborhood, Undercover, Alife, Bape

Artists/creatives we love: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ben Drury, Kaws, Futura, Obey, Banksy, Nigo...

People who inspire us: Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, J-Dilla, Mos Def, Common... [the list goes on]

Cities that influence us: London, NY, Dubai, HK, SF, Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo, Shanghai...

Design styles we love: typography, calligraphy, pattern, geometric art, arabesque,stencil art, freehand graffiti...

Publications/blogs we love: Hypebeast, High Snobiety, honeyee, Wired, Ctrl.Alt.Shift

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

This is more about attitude than demographics. But primarily 18-30, male, fashion forward (brands like OriginalFake, Bape, Obey, The Hundreds, LRG, Mecca USA etc), politically and socially aware and outspoken. Believes in social justice and opposed to exploitation and 'universal mind control' syndrome (i.e. indiscriminately believing everything we read in the news or see on tv)


- designs need to adhere to the brand messaging... i.e. subversive, urban, street smart, political and a little rebellious. Pls refer to attached ppt for style guidance

- practical considerations. Will be screenprinted so can fill up whole space of the tee. Ideally limited to 3-4 colours (max 6), digitally layered. Vector files are best. We have access to a wide variety of specialty inks and can also embroider designs

Suggested styles:

1) Typography - custom type treatments using brand name, slogan ("by any means necessary"), or a quote relevant to iconoclast [typography is our preferred style]

2) urban graphics/pattern. Stencil style preferred, other styles acceptable. Designs should make a witty observation relevant to iconoclast. However it needs to be in a style relevant to streetwear too, and we want to avoid cliches so no skulls, no pictures of famous people (or any people), no animals, and no cute monkeys etc! We want to see originality. Pls see the ppt attached for examples.

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