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Your help is required for a new t-shirt design

Comm_plus_38901 ran a t-shirt contest — Bronze package.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Toni Zufic
Good work would def do again !!
- wchoekel
Winner - ((((((HUMMER))))))
Working with (((((HUMMER)))) was great!!! Not only he got my design idea from the beginning, he was able to make changes as many times as I needed them. I strongly recommend him.
- claraschreiber
Winner - Prybyshenia
outstanding artist. I am glad to have gotten the chance to enjoy your work. i hope to do business with you in the future
- Comm_plus_38901

How Comm_plus_38901 started their t-shirt journey

Background information

To be used on

  • Women

Visual style

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the t-shirt?

Billionaire Girl. or just Billionaire. and a little design to bring it to life. I only want 2 colors

Content details

Clothing or apparel to design

v neck standard short sleeve t-shirt

Logo to incorporate


the logo has to be somewhere on the shirt.
Digital Art Requirements (from my t-shirt printer)

Minimum specifications are required.

Digital Art Requirements for spot color printing.

Minimum specifications are required to achieve good print results.

Digital artwork must be submitted in accepted formats only.

All files must be in .EPS format.

All fonts must be converted to outlines.

All colors must be converted to spot colors with correct Pantone numbers.

Please submit files with images SIZED for printing.

Compress large files (over 20 MB) using Stuff-it or Winzip.

Flatten all files.

Send additional .JPG version of file to communicate color representation if file does not display color the way you want it printed.

Applications Accepted:

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR - our preferred file format. Create outlines for fonts. Save as .EPS

What to avoid