Winning design by John Naught

Your help is required for a new t-shirt design

Dan86418 picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just £99 they received 39 designs from 13 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Your help is required for a new t-shirt design


Help young volunteers stay motivated to lead.

Background information

To be used on

  • Men
  • Women

Visual style

Color preferences

Ash Grey 93

Style/theme ideas for the t-shirt


Content details

Clothing or apparel to design

Long Sleeved Rugby Shirt

Logo to incorporate


She shirt is for "Local Committee Presidents" of a student run organisation.

There should be some element of exclusivity as they are the local leaders of branches within the network in the organisation "AIESEC UK".

There could be an element or slogan around "developing responsible global leaders" with a message focussed on this years leadership teams being extraordinary over simply being ordinary.

What to avoid