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Help Us Create a Cool Technology Concept T-Shirt!

Miguel1431 ran a t-shirt contest and chose a winning design they loved.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - A G E
Great designer very fast delivery of files. Highly reccommended!
- Mike1000175
Finalist - NickHappen
Thank you, this is just want I was looking for.
- ThinkBigNow
Finalist - herni izal
Herni is great - his designs are fabulous and he is easy to work with. The whole process with 99designs is amazing and I highly recommend it.
- Marilee1

How Miguel1431 started their t-shirt journey

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What colors do you want to see in your design?

Light charcoal grey

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the t-shirt?

We are looking for something edgy, creative, passionate, and fun! Try to stay within a technology graphic theme as we are in the business of online technology consulting (social media, Information Technology, Technology Leadership, etc.).

The design can look a bit weathered or rustic if done tastefully or in a professional manner.

When creating the design, please know that the target audience for this shirt is adults 25-60 years of age. Try to find a middle ground for designing something that is not too "young" and not too "old".

Some ideas could involve:
Technology connectivity
Technology resources
Technology futures
Technology thinking
Technology impact
Technology motivations/drivers
Technology landscapes
Technology design
Technology past vs. present
Technology present vs. future
Technology harmony
Technology principles
Technology concepts
etc., etc., etc., etc.

Consider using graphic styles and design efforts that are progressive - all tied to technology in some way (can be abstract if you have a cool idea).

Try to use a little bit of blue, grey, and white as those colors are in our logo and on our website (

The bottom line is that we want this shirt to look way cool and to be something EVERYONE will want to wear when they see it! This shirt will be given to attendees at very large (up to 8,000 attendees) international events so it needs to be something people can get excited about - keep it unique and clever!

No pressure, right :) Good luck!

Clothing or apparel to design

We need a design for short sleeve t-shirt but we also need the design modified for a short sleeve t-shirt version as well.

Logo to incorporate


This is a unique t-shirt project that is different from the norm in that the finished product is meant to tell a story and it is not strictly for marketing purposes. This shirt will be given to attendees at very large (up to 8,000 attendees) international events when the presenter (Scott Klososky - address the concept of crowdsourcing projects. So it just needs to be something people can get excited about - try to keep it unique and clever!

We are excited to have work produced by someone else in the world outside of our current location and we want to be able to tell the story of who created the t-shirt, what city/country they are from, and why they they chose this crowdsourcing project. Each of these (name, location, short story about reason for the work submission) will be featured on the final product!

That being said, anyone who would like their identity to be hidden need not submit work. However, anyone who would be okay with a little extra notoriety/fame as a result of this project, or anyone who does not mind sharing their real name or a photo of themselves, please submit your work! Here are additional details and guidelines for what we are looking for. Please review carefully to stay on task and to keep yourself in the running to be our contest winner!

- We need short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirt versions.

- Cool graphics and edgy, progressive design

- Include the company name, logo and website: Future Point of View (

- Include a QR Code graphic directing to our Future Point of View website @ (please use the QR code provided in the uploaded images provided)

- Include an authentic signature by the graphic artist (YOU!) along with a personal photo and a short explanation (a few sentences) about your passion or reason for working on this project or what it means to you (In English). Please include this information on the back of the shirt in a stylish manner that complements the other elements

- Include the following quotes (One quote could run down a sleeve in the long-sleeve t-shirt version)
"We live in a knowledge economy and only the smart people win."

- Please try to do a part of the design that wraps from the front of the shirt around to the back on one side near the bottom.

- Please include both long sleeve and short sleeve versions.

- Please include something (either the quote listed above or other graphics) running down a sleeve for a long sleeve version.

What to avoid

Please avoid clashing colors, jumbled/cluttered layouts, or anything that would not look good on a dark grey/charcoal-colored t-shirt.

When creating the design, please know that the target audience for this shirt is adults 25-60 years of age. Try to find a middle ground for designing something that is not too "young" and not too "old".

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