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Having Fun Under the Delta Sun "T" Shirt

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How jimboburgers started their t-shirt journey

Company name

The Point Waterfront Restaurant


I am a longtime restaurant and ski boat owner in the California Delta. I love the Delta and the people here. I am in the restaurant business because I grew up in it, my parents built and operated the restaurant from 1964 to 1994 when my wife and I took over. I also wanted to give my kids the opportunity to grow up right here and have as much fun as I did growing up. My wife is now the Harbor Master of a delta marina and I run the restaurant. I love boating and the water and from the restaurant we have some of the most beautiful views of the Delta you'll ever see. We serve Fresh seafood daily along with steaks, burgers, fish and chips and a calamari steak that some say is the best around. You can pull your boat right up to the dock in front of the restaurant and come in for lunch, dinner, brunch, cocktails or just to take a walk uptown to look around.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

The Point Restaurant is a Polished Casual Restaurant on the Sacramento River in the California Delta. In the winter we do a good local business but in the summer and on holidays is when we are the busiest. The servers at lunch have been wearing polo's with our logo but we are phasing out the polo's and we will be going to a black "T" shirt, which the servers all voted on. We are trying to lighten up the day shift and get a little more colorful. We get alot of boat traffic and vacationeers through in the summer time so it is casual during the day at night the servers wear shirt and tie. We would like to proudly display our "T" shirts and are hoping that the vacationeers/boaters will want to take one home as a gift, keepsake or reminder of a "GREAT" stop and we hope they are worn over and over. We used to carry the polo's, tanks, tees, sweatshirts-hooded zippered, hooded pullover and crewneck pullover but have decided to eliminate everything but the "T" shirt, eventually we will carry white and black.


I would like a design for the back of a "T" shirt preferably one that would go on both black and white background. I have in mind lots of color and I am especially enamored with the maui Jim tshirt design. There is lots of blue in the restaurant and our logo has lots of blue, some red and 2 shades of green, there is one palm tree and a pennant waving on top of the channel room which is a circular bar with awesome views of the river. I have envisioned a fast boat with the bow slightly elivated cutting through the water with possibly palms in the background and a small blue pennant waving from the stern with maybe some sun rays coming down, if the suns rays are too much its ok to leave them out. If you can somehow incorporate the channel room that would be great you can find a picture at Maybe instead of the suns rays there could be some sunset color in the background, looking at the restaurant from the river side you are looking almost directly west.
Our tag line is
Get to The Point !!! and I"m thinking it would go best under the picture, the 3 exclamation marks have the pennants waving on top. Possibly under that you might put California Delta although that might be too much. When i say pennant I am refering to a small long triangular shaped flag. On the front of the tshirt upper left I would like in very readable script
The Point Restaurant
and below that
Rio Vista, Ca.

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