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Greek T-shirt design

Paris Platanias needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 118 designs submitted by 31 freelance designers.


How Paris Platanias started their t-shirt journey

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I'm a Greek entrepreneur trying to show some great aspects of ancient Greek culture in an ordinary way as a t shirt is. I believe that we are wearing most of the time defines us and express our personality and world. Many cultures succeeded in this , like Japanese did, with Zen style minimal t shirts . But Ancient Greek civilization is trying to find a form and a style to show it's art in the paintings , sculptures , mosaics ,designs in a t shirt . It is a challenge!

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Men and women 25 to 50
Well Educated
Good economical status
With great respect and love for everything Hellenic .
Eco friendly and conscious about nature and organic products


What we are trying to achieve in a sentence:

A t-shirt inspired from ancient Greek Civilization and Culture that has the quality and style of Ed Hardy's

The design will have as a main theme POWER with sub themes BEAUTY , HEROISM , FATE and the daily battle in between them using Humans.

Greek mythology is amazing, so you must design an equally amazingly wicked Graphic T Shirt Design to showcase this ancient Religion and culture.
The design can be all over the t shirt and that is preferable but not a strict rule.

We included some photos so you can take patterns , extract designs and specific segments and alter them as you wish.

We appreciate Minimal ( like Japanese t shirt designs)
or Baroque and heavy of things
we don't appreciate neutral and designs that don't have something , an effect that the viewer will try to look deeper and ask the man on the road ..hey where did you get this...nice t shirt...

Not flashy but with class

In the attachments i have to files with inspirational photos of ancient Greek art and 2 books with brief Greek myths for everyone who wants to dig deeper

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