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Global NLP contest 3: Global NLP Training

GNLP needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 35 designs submitted by 13 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - inCube_graphics
We polled our t-shirt designs and this one was the winner by a large margin. Our fans loved it. inCube-graphics got us files quickly and was easy to communicate with. Thanks a bunch.
- mitch I

How GNLP started their t-shirt journey

Organization name

Global NLP Training

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Global NLP Training sells immersion training teaching NLP and life coaching. Tools relating to psychology, personal development, verbal and non-verbal communication. We sell mainly to motivational/life coaches, public speakers/educators in the field of self-help/empowerment, people in the wellness/fitness industry. Our courses are described as life changing and having an amazing positive impact. The tools we teach are described as "the user's manual as to how to use your brain."

Website: (though this will website + graphic design will be changed.)

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

We are holding 3 contests, for 3 different T-shirts.

T-Shirt with just our company name: Global NLP Training
Optional is using the slogan: Passionate about CHANGE!
Location: front of T-shirt
T-shirt fabric color: we want it to be able to print on white to dark color T-shirts by changing out the color scheme (which we need to be able to do easily.)

The T-shirt needs to incorporate:
1. the company name

2. The T-shirt design has to incorporate our branding. And have to contain the element of a globe + tree. Doesn't have to be identical to our logo.

3. Stick to our branding colors: darker purple and/or various shades of grey for a design on a light colored shirt. White and/or light grey's for a design on a dark colored shirt.

4. Optional: for the back of the T-shirt we need a very small print of our logo and the word T R A I N E R, which will go right on top of the shirt near the neck. Very clean and simple


Clean, professional, but smart. Possibly fun & happy. Without being boring, stiff, and business like.

The best indication of what we want is this feel:
T-shirts we like, and a very good clue as to what we want to choose for:…ghabby.jpg…s/root.jpg…engood.jpg…eahoot.jpg…/vines.jpg

Details T-shirt + printing:
1. the design is for the FRONT of the shirt.
2. We want minimal color use here, either single, 2 or maximum 3 colors. We want for the design to be easily change in color, at a flick of a few buttons to work for a light colored fabric T-shirt to dark. Stick to our branding colors: darker purple dominant + various shades of purple + various shades of grey for a design on a light colored shirt. White and light grey for a design on a dark colored shirt.
3. We will favor a designer whom will give us both the version for on light color/white T-shirts + dark color/black T-shirts.
3. Will be printed and worn by males + females of different sizes.
4. We need a high as possible DPI/resolution. 300 at the very very lowest, the higher the resolution the better.

Silver package


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