Give us your best creative design! BizTechDay T-shirt contest


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by Anna Kuo
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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer MBUK !

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Give us your best creative design! BizTechDay T-shirt contest


Looking for outstanding and creative designer to rock our T-shirt

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A worldwide audience of Entrepreneurs.

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BizTechDay 2010

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On September 18th in Seattle, September 24th in New York, October 23rd in San Francisco, 1500+ business icons, renowned thought leaders and inspired entrepreneurs will gather for a conference called BizTechDay. BizTechDay is a conference where inspiring entrepreneurs share practical business and technology strategies. Our goal is to inspire, educate, and connect entrepreneur through the power of real-time interaction. Our purpose is to bring the most innovative and practical business and technology ideas and help grow a new generation of entrepreneurs. Now in our 3rd year, we are very excited to have some amazing presenting attendees joining us: • Joan Barns - Founder of Gymboree • Jessica Jackley - Cofounder of Kiva and Profounder • Naval Ravikant - Investor of Twitter and Cofounder of Venture Hacks • Seth Godin - Best selling author • Clay Shirky - Social media theorist • Ben Huh - Founder of the Cheezburger Network • Ben Parr - Editor of Mashable • Megan Casey - Cofounder of Squidoo • Anita Campbell - Founder of And many more!

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This project is just the front side of the‘’BizTechDay 2010 Conference" t-shirt. No back t-shirt design will be needed. I encourage you to be creative — this needs to look unique and cannot look like all other conference t-shirt. Requirements: (1) Utilize color "white and orange" only for your design. Please see , and do not use the gray logo (Will be printed on baby blue t-shirts) (2) Include the title "BizTechDay 2010" and the word, "Rock Star" *Notice: Use the attachement "BizTechDay" in your design. "DO NOT" change the font. BizTechDay is our brand name. • No photos or stockphoto One $300 prize will be awarded to our favorite design and will be worn by the founder of 99Designs! We will give the winning designer full credit and recognize him/her in front of 1500+ entrepreneurs at the conference! Major name recognition! P.S. Everyone who participates at the special BizTechDay Conference T-Shirt project will also receive $100 gift certificate to BizTechDay 2010 conference. Just email anna [at] to claim your gift certificate. Thank you for all your hard work and brain juice! We've attach the last year winning design as an example of an artistic take.