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We are Get Satisfaction. We need a new company t shirt! HALP!

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Get Satisfaction

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Our mission: Humanize conversations between companies and their customers.

Our product: Community platform (software).


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This shirt will be for our ~50 employees, located in San Francisco, CA.

Our previous company t-shirts (as you can see in the attached images) have all been pretty much just our logo on grey or black. For this shirt, I think it would be fun to incorporate our company mascot, JarGon:

The weird thing about JarGon is that he is actually an anti-mascot. He represents everything we don't like about customer service.

We've tried to capture his personality here:

And here (click on him for different sayings):

There are many images of him in the attached .zip file.

While my ideas are all JarGon-centric, I'm very open to other ideas as well. We love a good meme. We're a pretty laid back bunch. Doesn't need to be logo-centric, it just needs to have our logo on it somewhere.

We can do images on one side or both sides of the shirt.