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Design unique 'Share your mood' T-shirts

Sven Lauwers needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 217 designs submitted by 79 freelance designers.


How Sven Lauwers started their t-shirt journey

Brand name



We design, produce and sell unique Mood T-shirts only available through social media channels, not by retail. You can not buy a t-shirt for yourself but only for your friends or loved ones. Mootees always come in pairs with opposite mood-designs.
Like Angel and Devil, Sad and Happy, Angry and Relaxed,...

No need to search for e-shop website because not on-line yet but we will be soon...hopefully with your designs...

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Our demograph are boys and girls aged between 18 and 35 who like to share their social life on-line or IRL. Active people socially engaged and sensitive for all new things and trends.


Some technical input:
Mootees have seperate short-sleeved slim-fit models for male and female.
Mootees have 5 basic basecolors: white, black, dark olive green, dark navy blue and dark chocolate brown.
Mootees will come in reversible in the near future (1 mood printed on the outside and 1 mood printed on the inside so buy wearing the tee inside out you show another mood)

Some additional inspirational input:
happy vs sad
sick vs healthy
angry vs relax
big vs small (think selfconfidence)
straight-forward vs mysterious
confused vs controled
plain vs extraordinary
introvert vs extravert
brave vs coward
smart vs stupid
male vs female
sane vs crazy
love vs hate
rich vs poor (think family; loneliness)
hungry vs stuffed
energetic vs tired
sportive vs lazy
beautiful vs ugly
imperfect vs perfect

Let your mood and inspiration do the work and deliver us your best designs and creative inputs!

We are here to answer all your relevant questions, please shoot...

Good Luck!

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  • Open contest
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