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Design the Strange Loop Conference T-Shirt

Dr. Strange Loop needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 175 designs submitted by 49 freelance designers.


How Dr. Strange Loop started their t-shirt journey


Strange Loop is a unique software developer conference in St. Louis, Missouri bringing together a diverse set of languages, technologies, and topics. Strange Loop is different than other conferences in projecting a unique, funky vibe that is sorely missing in other corporate organized conferences.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

The audience is primarily software developers attending the conference (and possibly others who just like the design). Software developers are geeks of course, interested in geeky stuff like computers, robots, science fiction, mathematics, writing software, time travel, Star Wars, Star Trek, the Matrix, etc.


This contest will select the official design for the Strange Loop 2009 conference t-shirt and will be produced for sale.

* Neutral shirt color (white, gray, black, natural)
* Design is preferred to be front-only unless you come up with something absurdly clever
* Design should have no more than 2 colors (any color ok)
* Must contain the text "Strange Loop" (any font)
* May contain the logo, "2009", URL "", or other aspects of the conference but none of these are required
* Logo is available here:…iglogo.png

I'm not really looking for your standard boring conference t-shirt, really for something unique and interesting by itself as a shirt. I would like to encourage actual drawings with "strange loop" as a jumping off point as well.


Douglas Hofstadter proposed the notion of a "strange loop" to mean the idea of moving through a hierarchical system of abstractions and back to the original point. The name for the conference was chosen both because it is held in the St. Louis area known as the "Loop" and also to evoke the idea of self-reflection. Playing with the idea of "strange loop" will lead you to things like Escher, Möbius strips, Klein bottles, impossible structures, quines, Shepard tones, and the like.


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