Completed contest

Create a winning t-shirt design for Fitness Company!

Zen Labs LLC ran a t-shirt contest and chose a winning design they loved.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - SIMRKS
Awesome designer great to work with pleasure working with you all the best in the near future
- Monstagymwear
Finalist - Taho Designs
We loved our tshirt design. It was very creative.....the brief was read & applied!! We will use Taho Designs again!
- Sleeping Babys
Finalist - Hatemachine
When it comes to designing something that is different and following exactly what you want this designer just gets it. I was extremely pleased and I know who to work with from now on.
- Godisluv52
Finalist - » GALAXY @rt ® «
Great job, not only followed the brief request but also created his own perspective from the brief. Thanks
- Anonymous
Finalist - doniel
Another Great job...
- hooartideas
Finalist - PrimeART
Great Designer. Transferred files as soon as contest was over and worked with me to get the file types and logo sizes I needed.
- ngil x

How Zen Labs LLC started their t-shirt journey

To be used on

  • Men
  • Women

What colors do you want to see in your design?

White T-shirt

What do you have in mind for the style and theme of the t-shirt?

our product link:

we want something clean, simple and powerful, that a runner/gym go-er would be proud to show off. Users of our app/program are training for 5k runs, or just trying to get back into shape. This design will be on dri-fit shirts and/or tank tops. Please see the link to get an idea on our color scheme/style. Does not have to match, but may give you a starting point. Here is an example of a good looking shirt, with focus on slogan.

Incorporate our app icon , company logo, and slogan - with emphasis on the slogan

The app icon and company logo can and should be subtle. For example, you could just use the flask from the company logo.

We have a couple other slogans that we may use, for anybody who wants to give a try with a design for these other ones:
1) One step at a time
2) Transform yourself
3) Change your life

To be clear, these designs will be for white T-shirts. We are using for our T-shirts. The images guides for are 10 x 10 in and a minimum 200 DPI.

This design will probably also be on waterbottles, tote bags, etc. Please see these sample stores and the designs they have to get an idea of the size.

Winning designers and runner-ups may be hired for additional T-shirt designs. Thanks and good luck!

Clothing or apparel to design

Dri-fit fitness shirts, tank tops for men/women

Logo to incorporate


Product Name: C25K
Company logo (provided)
Slogan: Every Moment Counts

What to avoid

- taking attention away from the slogan- a giant app icon or company logo

Bronze package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Guaranteed