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Loriingunni ran a t-shirt contest — Silver package.

This was a great experience. Thanks!
- Lori Alexander

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Winner - spacedust
This was my first time using this website. You did such a great job and I appreciate all the time that went into this design. Keep your eyes open for this tshirt. We have so many bikers coming into Gunnison this yr and I'm sure this shirt will sell like hot cakes. Thanks, Lori
- Loriingunni
Finalist - h2.da
High quality design and very patient with my demanding requests;) I am very happy to work with you! Thank you!
- Anonymous

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We have 3 big bike events coming through our communtiy this summer (Growler Race is a 64 mile mtn bike race, Ride the Rockies, and the USA Pro Challenge) and I would love a bike themed tshirt. I'm pretty open to ideas. I also have an image in my head, too (maybe a low rider, ape hanger handle bars, gangsta feelin). Again, I'm open to anything. I'd prefer a single color (cheaper to produce). Below, I left a photo of our logo and also the picture of the patio mural. Good Luck!

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