Winning design by Ivanpratt

Create the next t-shirt design for The Mighty N.O.

Rob Sylve picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just $149 they received 29 designs from 9 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next t-shirt design for The Mighty N.O.


We are a Louisiana based art/music co

Background information

Organization name

The Mighty N.O.

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are a Louisiana based art/music co. that sells digital and physical products internationally.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


I have an original piece of artwork that I need redesigned. I've included the A.I. files to make things easier. I don't need the entire design redone, just a small portion. The entire design reads "The Mighty N.O." I only need the " N.O." redesigned. It's supposed to be the main focal point of the artwork. I would like the " N.O." to have a more authentic look than the original. For example, the cracks in the lettering and in the decimals aren't realistic looking. It needs to give off a concrete or stone appearance. If you feel the "cracks" aren't in the correct places, feel free to move them. Some of the lines in the lettering need to be straightened out a bit as well. At the same time, I would like to still keep the "hand drawn" look to it as much as possible. The outline of the "fleur de lis " itself needs a slight bit of tweaking to give it a more symmetrical look. The skyline inside of the "fleur de lis" needs minor tweaking also. I would like the lights for the superdome to look more realistic if possible. I guess this would involve either adding more lights or adjusting the placement of the existing ones. This design will be digitally printed onto the shirt so every detail can come to life. This is going on a black t-shirt. Please make sure that you keep the glow effect around the outline to help it stand out. I would like to keep the original "black and gold" colors used in the design. Feel free to add your own subtle flair to the design. I've included separate files for the "N.O.", "fleur de lis and the skyline. I've also included the jpg. of the entire design for reference.