Winning design by BATHI

Cool T-Shirt for Country Music Festival

RockinRiver picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just CA$249 they received 140 designs from 29 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Cool T-Shirt for Country Music Festival


Design a shirt for the 4th annual Rockin' River Music Fest!

Background information

To be used on

  • Men
  • Women
  • Boys
  • Girls

Visual style

Color preferences

Black, dark charcoal, dark blue, grey

Style/theme ideas for the t-shirt

We have attached a bunch of shirt sample graphics that match the look and feel we're going for. We like a grungy distressed feel to the designs. It should not feel too heavy though. It should have a country feel as well since we are a country music festival.

The front of the shirt should make it clear that the shirt is for the "Rockin' River Music Festival". You can use our site for content ideas including the festival dates and year.

-- Ideas --

- Incorporate a river into the design somehow

- The festival is held at a drag strip race track so you could incorporate that somehow

- Have guitars, music notes, speakers, drums, drinks, tents, etc. It's an outdoor festival.

- Obviously a cowboy, cowboy hats, boots, cowgirl, etc are all fair game

- You can incorporate a maple leaf since we are canadian, though that shouldn't be the focus.

- Add the phrase "I Got Rocked!" at Rockin' River Music Fest. Somewhere on the shirt. This could be a tagline that is very readable or more blended into the background design.

Overall we want a t-shirt that people will want to wear not only at the festival, but also over the year to come.

Content details

Clothing or apparel to design

Not specified

Logo to incorporate


The t-shirts are for our Country Music Festival in Mission, BC Canada. The name of the festival is Rockin' River Music Fest. This is our fourth year and we do a new shirt each year, so you could subtly incorporate a four or symbol of one somewhere. Or put 2012 in there. People often collect shirts so it's good to show what year the shirt was from.

The front of the shirt should have our name and some kind of cool rustic country design. 

The back of the shirt will need to list out our artists and will preferably have our name in there somewhere. Here's the list of artists with their names in order: Dwight Yoakam, Blue Rodeo, Randy Bachman, George Canyon, Aaron Pritchett, Victoria Banks, Kenny Hess, One More Girl, Ridley Bent, The Higgins, Karen Lee Batten, Brent Lee, Stacey McKitrick, The Matinée, Todd Richard, Tyler Whelan, Shane Chisholm, Chris Buck Band.

We have attached a bunch of design elements that you can use for your ideas. Here's a brief description about each file:

- We're using this as our logo though you can get creative with this. The font is the most important.

We usually use the font "Mesquite" for our designs. You can grab it here: or something similar here:

- vector-musical-notes: We have used these files in print, on the web etc.
- stage sample: This will show you a sample of what our stage speaker covers are going to look like to give you an idea of our styles.
- This was the back of our shirt from last year. Do you have a new creative way to lay out the band names?
- cartoon cowgirl: An idea for a design element. Not mandatory
- cowgirl: Another idea though definitely not mandatory. We really like the simple clean look of this sample. It would make for a nice shirt on its own. 

What to avoid

Don't go crazy with colours. We like a simple design with a dark design on a light shirt or lighter design on a dark shirt like the samples files attached. Max three colours for the design. ie: Grey, white and highlights of red or something. 

Please no mountains either. There was another festival that had mountain in the name and we don't want to associate with that.

The design should be constrained to the chest area of the shirt and center of the back. Don't put anything up and over the shoulder or on the sleeves.

The shirt will be worn by men, women and kids. Please don't put speakers, stars, etc, at chest level.