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Classic SoCal Gangsta Girls Logo

GodsDaughter needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

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How GodsDaughter started their t-shirt journey


Looking for front/back design evoking a fusion of all of the following: 90's LA gangsta + 30's gangland + modern day gloss. All with a touch of girly and empowerment based on the inherent value in every woman.

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What Is Your Inspiration?

I am looking for front/back design evoking a fusion of early 90's LA gangsta (the prototypical old english script, simple and stark designs calling out sets, crossing out others with "187 killa" etc).  Would like it to be dripping with gloss and glam in a way that is updated and does not overpower the general vibe of the shirt.  I would like to play with "Godfather" inspired themes and script as well.

The idea behind the brand is a modern, edgy, yet street-related/outlaw image (something that still resonates as counter-culture) which mimics the bravado often associated with that image, but which (unlike personal arrogance) is based on 3 things:  1) The wearer truly being set apart as a child of God  2) The familial and protected status of that person as a child of God (as if they were in a gang, or part of "the family"), and 3) The truth behind the particular macro theme that the shirt states. 

For instance, if the shirt were to say "Precious" on the front and with the tagline "GodsDaughter(TM) Welcome to the family" at on the back, that particular shirt would include a verse reference that would be cited as validation of that wearers Precious nature.  Not just Precious based on her own merits, but Precious based on how valued and truly Precious and protected she is in the eyes of her Maker.        

Hope this is clear enough to get a start.  I welcome questions or comments regarding this direction.  Thanks!

About GodsDaughter:

There has been much written and observed about the glam and self-focused celeb glorification in western culture and specifically how it impacts young women in terms of their body and self-images.  When a woman's image and perceived self-worth is drawn from having "more" than her friends or being "more glamorous" than their friends, the potential for dissapointment and sadness in material things is very high.  The GodsDaughter brands roll is to reinforce the beautiful and precious nature of all women, not because of their "diva" nature or the amount of bling they can afford, but because of their implicit worth at a soul level as human beings, and especially, as daughters of a loving creator.  By doing this in a cross-over way that could conceivably be worn by many (without beating anyone over the head with a moral message) the brand is meant to offer hope, validation, and strength (in an edgy streetwise way) to young women struggling with their place in the world today.  

***Please read comments if you are just coming to contest for first time. I have tried to give feedback on the highest rated ones and then reproduced that feedback for everyone, but please read both for the most insight! Thanks!***


- All designs should include the brand "GodsDaughter(TM)" with subtext "Welcome to the family"
- Macro themes for the shirts should be as follows:
- "Precious"
- "Beautiful"
- "Priceless"
- "Chosen"
- Would like to see designs on a simple ribbed or plain cotton tank or sporty tee- I would prefer to have awards given out to more than one design.  The more that resonate, the better.  I plan to give out up to 10 awards with the associated full prize money for each.
- Both paypal or credit card payments are options.FULL PRIZE MONEY FOR EACH OF UP TO (10) DESIGNS = $1500 POSSIBLE PAYOUT


*File Format Requests*
- Please plan on providing adobe .eps format
- Please plan to provide exact Pantone colors used in design for purposes of matching during printing

Don't want

- Shirt must look unique and authentic
- I will provide continued guidance as I see your awesome designs!  Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to seeing what you can do! 

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