Entry #175 - T-shirt design - by manuk
By manuk

Dwone picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest

For just $165, they received 182 designs from 61 designers.

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Cartoon like design that can go on Shirt, Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets, Wall, etc...


Custom T-Shirt package

Purchased for $165

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By okdwone
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Congratulations to the winner, manuk!
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We print designs on different products and sell the online.




Teen friendly, cartoon like, big animal design that will cover the top half of a t-shirt or the entire shirt. It can also be a BIG face of a Animal Either a Monkey, Tiger, Lion, Pig, Giraffe, and Elephant will represent the design. Animal/Animals should hug,squeeze, or sit on a door I would like the look of design similar the the designs that the angry bird clothing lines have. Use your creativity, This design will go on shirts, pillow cases, walls, etc...


The target market is 12-21 design for a yound hip generation.

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